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Thank Goodness it’s Influencer Marketing Friday

February 26, 2016

Everybody loves Fridays. It’s the best day because marketers like you and I are wrapping up productive weeks and getting ready for our jam-packed weekends. Introducing our newest weekly series, Thank Goodness it’s Influencer Marketing Friday (TGIIMF), your one and only source for everything on the practice.

As the practice of influencer marketing reaches mass adoption in the marketing world, best practices are constantly being established and challenged. TGIIMF is intended to be a quick read so you can easily keep a pulse on influencer marketing. While you were busy being a strategic marketing genius this week, here is what happened in influencer marketing. Thank goodness it’s the weekend and thank goodness it’s influencer marketing Friday!

Quote of the Week: 

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

Headline of the Week: Dominate PR with Influencer Marketing

Traditional press releases are focused on presenting unbiased information to their audience while influencers are praised for their opinions and brand voice. Influencer marketing is this year’s Holy Grail for public relations. The public relations space is turning to influencers over more traditional sources to spread the word. Cheryl Conner’s latest Forbes article highlights the 7 Steps to Dominate The Influencer Marketing Game in PR. As the line between public relations and influencer relations becomes blurry, keep your eyes on how these two practices begin to merge.

Now Trending: Influencer Marketing ROI

How can you ensure influencer marketing success without measuring your efforts? Influencer Marketing ROI has been a topic of discussion since the practice emerged, and rightfully so. If marketers cannot prove ROI from an activity, then they may as well forget about it. Shelly Kramer wrote an article on Millennial CEO about how integrating influencer marketing delivers ROI for brands. What business goals are supported by your influencer marketing strategy? Depending on this answer the outcomes and outputs your influencer program measures may vary. Share-of-voice, brand mentions, and link shares can all be connected to ROI and overall influencer marketing success. Here are our thoughts on influencer marketing success metrics.

#RelationshipGoals: Shonali Burke

Great influencer-brand relationships are always long-term and mutually-beneficial; but, they don’t happen overnight. #RelationshipGoals takes a closer look at how brands worked over time to gradually build a sustainable relationship with an influencer. These relationships are envy-worthy because of the value both parties get out of the partnership. To kick off this series, we would like to feature Shonali Burke. Traackr and Shonali have a relationship dating back to when Shonali and Pierre-Loic first met. Since then, Shonali has guest blogged, help us establish best practices, and recently became the course instructor for the first elearning influencer marketing course, the Academy of Influencer Marketing. The key to building this successful relationship? Giving the creative reins to our influencer when co-creating content with them. Many brands attempt to control when, where, and how an influencer promotes their brand--and this often comes off as inauthentic.

Influencer authenticity is critical to success. The practice only works because of the relationship the audience has with the influencer. When brands try to control the influencer's creativity, as a result the mentions will often come off as fake. Start by partnering with your influencers for short-form content and building up to larger requests such as publishing a guide together. In the B2B world, these types of partnerships are invaluable. Not only do you feature the influencer and boost their expertise, but as a brand your content is amplified to their networks in an organic way. Starting with small requests will ensure you don’t make the biggest mistake in influencer marketing as well.

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We hope you enjoyed the first TGIIMF post in our newest series. Make sure to check back every Friday for the latest happenings in influencer marketing. Did you recently discover something noteworthy about the practice? Share below in the comments!

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