Allocate Budget

Maximize Your Influencer Marketing Budget

Allocate your influencer marketing budget based on performance to maximize your ROI.

Partner with the best fit influencers

Drive savings and increase ROI using insights to allocate budget among influencers. Spend efficiency metrics like cost per post (CPP), cost per engagement (CPE), and cost per video view (CPV) help you make smart decisions.

Negotiate fees confidently

Base compensation on impact rather than vanity metrics with Traackr’s Fee Calculator. Get a suggested content fee based on an influencer’s past performance to use as a data-backed starting point for your negotiation.

Allocate campaign budget efficiently

For each influencer participating in your campaign, log agreed content fee for each type of deliverable and any other costs easily (product seeding costs, usage rights, etc.).

Analyze performance

Traackr calculates and tracks your total campaign spend against your budget throughout the campaign and delivers powerful cost metrics at the end to analyze performance.

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