Campaign Management

Manage Every Aspect of Your Influencer Campaigns

Streamline your organic, affiliate and paid influencer campaigns with communications, creative briefs, campaign invitations, budgeting tools, content collaboration, and deliverables tracking.

Influencer campaign organization

From paid sponsorships and affiliate campaigns to product sends and events, we give you all the tools you need to manage any type of collaboration with maximum flexibility and achieve your specific goals.

Select & invite creators

Add creators from your existing lists or leverage Traackr’s discovery engine and inbound recruitment tools. Streamline your activations by inviting creators and track who accepted.

Optimize your budget

Allocate your campaign budget and negotiate fees using Traackr’s budget calculator. Get suggested rates based on the past performance of a creator’s sponsored and organic content so you have a data-backed starting point for your conversation.

Stay organized & increase efficiency

Manage each step of your campaign and track the status of activities with each creator with campaign workflows. Use Traackr’s suggested list of steps which you can reorganize or create your own. Keep all your contracts in one place.

Collaborate smoothly

Ensure smooth collaboration with your creative partners with campaign briefings, integrated email communication, deliverables tracking and collaborative content approval.

Manage all types of campaigns

Streamline your organic, gifting, paid collaborations and affiliate programs.

Streamline gifting

Focus your seeding efforts on your true fans, increase success rate and reduce waste. Communicate goals and content expectations for the gifted products with a creative brief. Track generated content and performance.

Integrate with Shopify

Leverage our Shopify integration to automate product fulfillment, let creators choose their preferred product and place their order themselves, and track orders directly within Traackr.

Track clicks, conversions & revenue

Drive sales to your ecommerce site. Define attribution rules and commission, share tracking links and promo codes with your creators and measure the clicks, conversions, and revenue they generate.

Track deliverables

Stay on top of campaign deliverables with automated content and fulfillment tracking. Monitor campaign content published by your creators and exclude or add posts to your campaign for accurate reporting.

Manage payments & your spend

Let Traackr handle your influencer payment processes, including tracking and tax compliance, and help you optimize spend efficiency, so you can focus on scaling your paid partnerships.

Pay creators automatically

Automate your entire payment process. Send payments to your creators globally and in local currencies directly from within Traackr. Track the status of your payments and record payment data and overall spend for your campaign.

Track spend

Log in all your campaign fees for each creator (agreed content fees for each type of deliverable, usage rights, agency fees, exclusivity fees, product send fees, etc.) and accurately track your total campaign spend against your budget.

Measure & analyze performance

Measure the performance of every campaign, organic or paid, across all major social platforms and communicate results across your organization in a compelling way with PPT exports or shareable links to interactive custom reports.

Track spend efficiency

Get maximum clarity on your spend efficiency with cost metrics automatically calculated for each creator and for your overall campaign performance. Drill down on the performance of paid content across different categories, platforms, and creators.

Optimize your ROI

Identify who performs best for you and what type of content drives the most impact and optimize future influencer marketing investments.

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