Data Lake

Power Internal Analytics

Combine your influencer marketing platform data with the rest of your organization to run deeper analysis and fuel better data-driven decisions.

Demonstrate the value of influencer marketing

Aggregate and centralize data to present a unified view to your entire organization for better decision-making - from gathering all brand mentions for corporate reporting and showcasing trends over time to aggregating KPIs per country, division, region, or competitor.

Connect multiple data sources

Aggregate spend data to analyze spend efficiency at a global level, across countries, by brand, by category, etc. Set targets that countries and brands need to reach and quickly visualize performance and evolution compared with the previous period.

Connect multiple data sources

Get a better understanding of performance by linking Traackr data to your sales and ecommerce tools. Leverage visualization tools such as Tableau and compare data (i.e., campaign spend in Traackr vs campaign spend as reported to Finance department).

Run deeper analysis of your influencer program

Analyze campaign performance, spending and spend efficiency at a global level, across countries, by brand, division or category to discover best practice and check campaigns compliance at scale.

Create new metrics

Access to the raw data from your campaigns and benchmark gives you the ability to create brand new KPIs and recalculate metrics to fit with your organization’s methods and objectives.

Ready to take your influencer marketing to the next level?