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Traackr Simplifies Influencer Product Seeding and Reduces Product Waste with New Shopify Integration

Mar 23, 2023

A new survey from Traackr, the leading influencer marketing platform, found that up to 65% of brands are sending gifted products to influencers even if they don’t post about the products after receiving them – revealing how much product and time is wasted on seeding campaigns that don’t perform. To help reduce the industry’s waste problem and improve marketers’ workflows, Traackr today announced a new integration with Shopify that simplifies the manual process of product seeding to creators and influencers. 

Currently, brands wanting to seed products to influencers and creators for collaboration go through a time-consuming manual process – switching from different tools to compile shipping addresses, communicate back and forth with influencers for product selection, track delivery and monitor results from the gifting program. The same survey found that more than half of marketers are still using spreadsheets to manage seeding campaigns with influencers – leading marketers to often do what’s fastest and easiest: sending to influencers who aren’t interested or sending more product than what the influencer wants.

With Traackr’s Shopify integration, marketers can select products from their store to add to their seeding campaign and invite creators directly to Traackr. Creators then choose which product they want and place the order directly through Shopify. Marketers can track order status in Traackr, offloading hours of manual work. Plus, creators can pick exactly which product they will use leading to improved collaborations and better results from seeding campaigns.

“Product seeding is typically way too time-consuming because we have a huge catalog, and going back and forth with creators about what is available is not the best use of our time," said Natalie Kathleen, CEO and founder of shoe brand Jibs. "Traackr hit the nail on the head, integrating our Shopify store directly into Traackr Studios so creators can go in, browse and pick exactly which shoes they want. Not only does it save our team hours of work, but it helps us live our brand values of sustainability and empowering every person to celebrate their individuality."

If you're interested in learning more about how brands are handling product seeding, stay tuned! We'll be launching the Product Seeding Survey report next month.

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