Influencer Analysis

Select the Right Influencers With Data-Driven Insights

Base your influencer selection on extensive data insights to ensure you partner with authentic individuals that are aligned with your brand values.

Make informed vetting decisions with in-depth profiles

Traackr’s influencer profiles give you all the information you need to analyze your influencers and assess their impact in online conversations:

  • Bio
    Job title, company, and bio give you a quick overview of their credentials.
  • Scores
    Total Audience Size and Traackr’s proprietary Reach, Resonance, and Brand Safety scores give you a quick understanding of their level of influence and potential brand fit.
  • Info
    Personal details, tasks, and notes help you manage your influencer relationships and collaborate across your team.
  • Content
    Searchable full content from the past 2.5 yrs shows you what they publish or share across social platforms and lets you drill down to their most relevant posts.
  • Footprint
    A complete online footprint of all platforms where the influencer publishes helps you understand their online presence and performance on different channels.
  • Audience
    Audience insights help you understand who your influencers are reaching and if their audience is aligned with your ideal customer.
  • Collaborations
    Campaign history between your brand and the influencer.

Access extensive historical content

Search more than 2.5 years of an influencer’s content to assess the quality and performance of their most relevant posts.

Reach relevant audiences

Dive into Traackr’s deep audience demographics and psychographics data to understand who your prospective influencers are talking to and if their audience is aligned with your ideal customer.

Audience insights for public social channels

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Country
  • City
  • Language
  • Ethnicity
  • Interests
  • Brand Affinity

Follower & engagement rate growth charts

Are their follower counts in an upward trajectory? How stable is their engagement rate?

Analyze audience quality

Easily assess the quality of an influencer’s audience before engaging in any collaboration. Traackr analyzes three core dimensions of an influencer’s audience to help you detect fraud and determine what % of an influencer's following and engagement is fake.

Audience credibility

It’s the % of an influencer’s total audience and engaged audience that is authentic (are not bots or fake accounts)

Audience type

It’s the % of an influencer’s audience that falls into the following three groups:

  • Influencers: Accounts with at least 1K followers = potential for big impact
  • Mass Followers: Accounts who follow more than 1.5K accounts = unlikely to see the influencer’s posts
  • Suspicious Accounts: Accounts whose activity on Instagram appears largely inorganic (likely bots or stolen accounts)

Audience reachability

It’s the % of an influencer’s audience that follow:

  • Below 500 accounts
  • Between 500-1000 accounts
  • Between 1000-1500 accounts
  • More than 1500 accounts
  • + % of engagement from non-followers (if very high and coupled with low credibility it could indicate the influencer is buying their engagement)

Keep your brands safe

Protect your brands’ reputation by ensuring you partner with influencers that align with your brand values and monitoring for ongoing brand safety.

  • Automated safety checks
    Search an influencer’s entire content history to surface all potentially controversial or sensitive topics of your choosing.
  • Ongoing safety monitoring
    Set tolerance levels for controversial topics and get notified if influencers exceed your thresholds.
  • Brand safety score
    Quickly assess an influencer’s brand safety with a color-coded Brand Safety score on their profile. Click through to access posts flagged as risky for review.
  • Fake follower analysis
    Avoid influencer fraud by assessing the quality of an influencer’s audience and the authenticity of their engagement.
  • Approval workflows
    Create custom review statuses and set up custom approval workflows for brand safety alignment across your team.

Share profiles with your teams

Influencer profiles can easily be exported to PowerPoint individually or in bulk for sharing with team members who don’t have access to Traackr.

Ready to take your influencer marketing to the next level?