Measure ROI

Assess the Efficiency of Influencer Marketing

Go beyond awareness KPIs and measure the efficiency of your investments to optimize future strategies

Track revenue at the source

Get real-time conversion results for each influencer with unique link tracking and promo codes.

Evaluate individual performance

With cost efficiency metrics, you know exactly who packs a bigger punch when it comes to ROI. Save money by investing in influencers driving the most impact.

Measure campaign effectiveness

Measure campaigns across all major social platforms. Track desired outcomes like awareness, engagements, or conversions and drill into the content and creators behind them.

Analyze program performance

Track all your KPIs and spend over time and across markets, brands, categories, campaigns, campaign types, influencers, platforms, and tiers. Monitor the health of your program and identify opportunities to optimize.

Standardize measurement

Measure your influencer program with a unified set of KPIs across brands and markets. Benchmark against other channels, justify investments and adjust spend as needed. Use Traackr’s Brand Vitality Score (VIT) for executive-level reporting.

Present & share results

Showcase your success with custom shareable and downloadable reports. Export whole data tables into Excel for deeper analysis.

Ready to take your influencer marketing to the next level?