Manage Affiliates & Track Links

Manage Affiliates & Track Links

Drive sales with your partners. Generate and share links, track conversions and revenue, and pay commissions all from Traackr.

Create unique links

Generate unique tracking links for your influencers. Use dynamic variables to pull in specific information such as their name or Instagram handle to customize links for accurate conversion tracking.

Integrate with your ecommerce site

Embed Traackr’s tracking pixel on any ecommerce site to track conversions and revenue from influencers using Traackr generated links. Connect your Shopify store to Traackr for seamless and automated product gifting fulfillment.

Define conversion rules

If you connect your ecommerce store to Traackr you have the option of defining an attribution model and commission structure for each of your campaigns.

Assign links & promo codes

Easily assign links and promo codes to influencers individually or in bulk.

Track conversions & revenue

Track the clicks, conversions, and revenue generated by your influencers including the date, product, revenue, commission earned, and order ID. Understand who’s driving the most conversions for your brand and attribute commissions.

Pay influencer commissions

Traackr automatically calculates the commission owed to each influencer. Send payments to your influencers globally and in local currencies directly from within Traackr.

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