Influencer Marketing Software for Fashion Brands

Traackr powers influencer marketing for emerging and global fashion brands. Our platform provides a global influencer database, campaign management for paid and organic activations, and competitive benchmarking.

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How Traackr Supports the Industry

Find influencers in beauty & beyond

Search influencers mentioning your products, lifestyle topics or hashtags. Filter results by performance and audience criteria.

Vet influencers for brand fit

See who’s on-brand based on content, performance metrics, and audience demographics including gender, income, location, and brand affinity.

Manage organic and paid campaigns

Simplify your process for product sends, event invites and paid sponsorships with customized workflows, influencer communications, and deliverable tracking including Instagram Stories.

Screen for red flags

Analyze influencer audience quality, screening for fake followers and suspect engagement. Establish an approval workflow for brand alignment.

Reporting and trends insights

Measure influencers consistently across campaigns and platforms with standardized transparent metrics.

How Market Level Insights Will Change How Fashion Invests in Influencers

What our customers say

“We were looking for a platform that was essentially a CRM for influencer management that also allowed us to aggregate our campaign analytics and access the insights we need to properly evaluate influencers. We spent more than six months researching and testing every platform out there and found Traackr fits exactly what we needed.”

Chelsea Riggs

Brand President, Amika