Accomplish More Faster

Traackr integrates with the tools you use every day to manage your influencer program. We help minimize your workload so you can maximize your output.


Track clicks, conversions and revenue generated by influencers by integrating Traackr with your ecommerce website. Share tracking links and promo codes and measure and report on your influencer marketing activities.


Automate product fulfillment by connecting your Shopify store to Traackr. Let creators choose their preferred product and place orders themselves. Track orders and product preferences directly within Traackr.


Connect your email to Traackr to send personalized emails to your influencers in bulk, track ongoing conversations, and keep a unified record of communication all from within the platform.


Automatically send payments to influencers globally and in local currencies directly from Traackr. Track the status of your payments and the spend of your campaigns.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Enable your users to log in quickly, conveniently, and securely by integrating Traackr within your organization's login process with our single sign-on solution (SSO).

Data Lake

Integrate all your influencer programs data together in one place to uncover new insights by leveraging Traackr’s data lake. With access to the raw data from your campaigns and benchmark together with your own internal data, you can run deeper analysis and fuel better data-driven decisions.

Ready to take your influencer marketing to the next level?