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Traackr is the system of record for influencer marketing at top beauty and personal care brands. Our customers run more efficient programs and generate more impact than the competition.

The System of Record for Paid & Organic Influencer Marketing

Find Influencers in Beauty & Beyond

Search influencers of all tiers globally across all topics based on 22 criteria and full content.

Vet Influencers for Brand Fit

Compare influencers based on content, performance metrics, audience demographics and psychographics.

Manage Paid & Organic Together

Flexible workflows simplify paid collaborations, events, product sends and more.

Get Exclusive Insights

Measure your performance in the market and rank brands by a rich set of metrics to understand competitive behaviors.

Maximize Your Investment

Track spend across markets, brands, campaigns, influencers, and tiers; and get recommended rates.

Beauty --- Find Influencers in Beauty & Beyond
Beauty --- Vet Influencers for Brand Fit
Beauty --- Manage Paid & Organic Together
Beauty --- Get Exclusive Insights
Beauty --- Maximize Your Investment

Instincts & Insights: How Kendo Brands Win in Influencer Marketing

We talked with the Kendo Brands influencer marketing team to discuss how they've built successful campaigns with data-driven insights and relationship-building

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Stephan Garandet
“Traackr’s Budget Optimisation tools have provided our team with a comprehensive view of our influencer program spend and helped us chart exactly how those investments tie to the performance metrics we care about.”
Stephan Garandet
Global Chief Digital Marketing Officer & Deputy Chief Digital Officer, L’Oréal

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