The State of Influencer Product Seeding

Influencer product seeding — or influencer gifting — is one of the cornerstone tactics in a successful influencer marketing strategy. There are many ways for brands to approach this strategy with a performance-driven mindset, utilizing data to create campaigns that are measurable, predictable and impactful.

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What are some of the main challenges that brands face, and how do they overcome them?

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300 Marketers

In the US, France, Germany, and the UK.

How much do you spend on influencer product seeding? What kind of impact do you see from these types of campaigns? What are some of the biggest challenges you face? What are some of the key elements that you incorporate to ensure success? And more…


Of marketers at least somewhat agree that influencer product seeding has successfully driven awareness for their business.


Of marketers at least somewhat agree that their brand will send product to an influencer, even if they didn’t post after receiving a gift.


Of marketers use spreadsheets to manage their influencer product seeding campaigns.

Product seeding can be way too time-consuming because we have a huge catalog, and going back and forth with creators about what is available is not the best use of our time. This is why we leverage tools like Traackr’s Shopify integration to give creators a direct way to browse and pick exactly what product they want. Not only does it save our team hours of work, but it helps us live our brand values of sustainability and empowering every person to celebrate their individuality.

Natalie Kathleen — CEO and Founder of Jibs
Natalie Kathleen
CEO and Founder of Jibs

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