Influencer Analytics

Increase Your Share of Influence With Benchmarking

Uncover actionable insights to drive growth by analyzing your brand and your competitors' performance in the market.

Benchmark your brand

How did my brand perform against my competitors? Access a complete ranking of your brand and competitors together with the transparent metrics you need to increase your share of influence.

Actionable Insights

Analyze the three key factors driving your share of influence to understand where the gaps are and which levers you need to pull to improve: influencer activity levels, audience size, and content performance.

Look across any timeframe — monthly, quarterly, year to date. Sort by KPIs and filter by platforms, influencer tiers, paid vs organic, etc. to uncover actionable insights on what to do next.

Data visualization charts

Instantly generate graphs to visualize any KPIs broken down by tiers, platforms, or paid vs organic to quickly spot trends and insights.

Creator segments analysis

Zoom in on a segment of creators to analyze performance of specific subgroups such as professions (hairstylists, dermatologists, models), interests (gamer, beauty, mother), locations (cities, states,), etc. and better understand how to refine your creator strategies.

Multi-Market analysis

Get a holistic view of your brand and your competitors’ aggregated performance across multiple countries or globally to help tailor your international strategies.

Understand where you stand

How is your brand performing overtime? How do you stack up to the competition? Which levers can you pull to improve? Dive deep into a brand to understand its performance and the creators and content that are driving it.

Breakdown competitors’ strategies

What’s working for them? Uncover your competitors’ strategies and outcomes including which influencers and content perform best and where they’ve been activating the most lately across tiers, platforms, and paid vs organic.

Grow your community with top performers

Who are your top advocates? Who are the top creators for your competitors? Find influencers based on their organic and paid performance for you and your competitors and easily add them to your network.

Spot trends quickly

Who and what is driving the conversation in my industry lately?

Unearth the latest trends by looking at the content driving the most impact for a specific category, surfacing the influencers and content that have been performing well this last month.

Answer burning questions

  • What type of content on Tiktok is performing really well for Skin Care?
  • Who are the top Instagrammers in Hair Care right now? What type of content are they posting?
  • Was there an event or product launch last month that made an impact?

Standardize your measurement framework

Unify influencer marketing measurements across your organization with access to a rich set of KPIs and Traackr’s Brand Vitality Score (VIT). Demonstrate the progress and performance of your entire program to validate investments and strategies.

Establish benchmarks and targets

Leverage the deep insights on your brand and your competitors’ performance to guide your growth strategy effectively.  Set strategic goals and targets based on past performance. Track and share your progress monthly.

Ready to take your influencer marketing to the next level?