Ensure Compliance

Maintain Governance & Ensure Compliance

Traackr helps you establish influencer marketing governance standards and ensure compliance with internal policies and regulations.

Manage all influencer data

Collect collaboration data in a centralized and secure system of record accessible globally including: influencer communications, influencer data, relationship history, review status, and historical campaign activity.

Keep your brand safe

Protect your brand’s reputation by ensuring you partner with influencers that align with your brand values and monitoring for ongoing brand safety including safety checks, ongoing monitoring, fake follower analysis, and approval workflows.

Track spend at all levels

Gain visibility on influencer marketing investments across brands, campaigns, influencers, and markets over time and ensure your reporting is consistent, reliable and effortless.

Track deliverables & disclosures

Automatically monitor campaign content for adherence to #ad and other required disclosures and to keep track of campaign fulfillment.

Streamline data collection

Provide a welcoming onboarding experience and collect relevant data from your partners.

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