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Snap x Traackr Partnership: Influencer Marketing for Gen Z and Beyond

Feb 13, 2024

Gen Z has an estimated $450 billion in global spending power. They are also the first social media native generation— they grew up there, and now spend their time there connecting, learning, and shopping. 

While most marketers have struggled and often failed to market to Gen Z, Creators have the ear and trust of next-gen consumers and have opened a window of opportunity for brands to tap into the spending power of Gen Z if they can build compelling influencer marketing campaigns.

Enter: Traackr’s new partnership with Snap. 

How Snap and Traackr’s Partnership Will Help Brands Reach Gen Z and Beyond

The partnership between Snap and Traackr is comprised of two components: a product integration and bespoke industry events.

But first, why this partnership?

Snap has built a social network that’s captured the attention of Gen Z. In fact in a recent influencer marketing statistics report, data showed that Gen Z listed Snapchat amongst the top 5 platforms that they use regularly to post and consume influencer content. 

Traackr has built its name as a leader in the influencer marketing industry, offering the best technology, data, and strategic insights. A key pain point that Traackr solves for brands is the ability to measure the success of influencer collaborations across social platforms — now Snapchat is a part of that suite alongside the likes of Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and more.

Traackr and Snapchat’s integration will streamline creator audience and performance insights

As of today, Traackr integrates with Snapchat’s Creator oAuth API so that brands can track deeper creator insights and measure the impact of creator content on Snapchat. The new integration will allow brands to use Traackr’s influencer marketing platform to:

  • Invite Snapchat creators to participate in campaigns
  • Activate organic and paid influencer campaigns on Snapchat
  • Monitor creator performance on Snapchat 
  • Discover new creators on Snapchat
  • Vet creators for performance and fit by accessing their Snapchat metrics and content
"As influencer marketing gains a greater share of the marketing mix, it's important to us to have access to influencer insights that will help brands and creators form authentic partnerships. Snap and Traackr are making it easier for brands to partner with the Snapchat creator community, gaining access to unparalleled data before engaging them in brand collaborations – no guesswork involved." — Ali Rana, Global Head of Revenue Partnerships, Snap

If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to book a demo

Learn how to reach Gen Z and new creators at Traackr and Snapchat’s events

To help marketers get a head start on reaching Gen Z and beyond, we’re hosting half-day conferences with speaking sessions from leading brands, top creators, industry experts, and Snap as a special guest.

  • Traackr Impact Paris, March 28, 2024. Sign up for the event here, spots are limited.
  • Traackr Impact New York, April 11, 2024. Sign up for the event here, spots are limited.

And stay tuned for more exciting product news soon!