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Introducing Traackr’s Influencer Network Analysis

We are proud to announce the addition of a very important and powerful new feature in Traackr. We call it Influencer Network Analysis (INA) and we think you're going to love it!

INA not only brings more unique and actionable insights to our users, but represents yet another essential layer of sophistication to our understanding of how influence flows across the web. More on this here.

First of all, what is INA?

INA is a system built to assess a person’s social network with the goal of uncovering the people and entities that:

  1. Exert influence on that person; and/or
  2. Are being influenced by that person

With INA, you can answer the burning questions:

  • Who or what influences my influencers?
  • Who are the people or companies he/she is listening to and engaging with most often and most intensely?
  • What does my influencers' engaged audience look like?
  • Who are the people most likely to interact with my influencer when he/she publishes?
  • Who might I be reaching if I engage with a particular influencer?

With this latest release, Traackr uncovers the network relationships for each influencer on your lists so you can answer these questions...and more.

On each Influencer Profile page, we have added a Network tab that serves as your window into this all-important data.

Why is this information important to you?

Traackr introduces Influencer Network Analysis - key insights for any influence marketer

The insights you'll find in the Network tab can help the professional marketer in many ways, including:

  • Add to your  lists of primary influencers.  The people uncovered in this Network tab can serve as important and relevant additions to any of your A-Lists. Simply click Add to List to add any of the people uncovered in this tab to your A-List. This way you can quickly scale up your influencer identification efforts to additional relevant people. 
  • Deepen your knowledge of your influencer set. What if you knew one of your influencers was heavily influenced by a particular brand, competitor or specific publication? Would this be important information for you?  You could better figure out how to catch that person's attention, drive specific ad buys or even develop different content strategies.
  • Drive even more successful engagement. Authentic, reciprocal relationships are the foundation for success in the world of earned media (and one could argue social media, in general). Knowing that, what if you knew what people and companies each of your influencers were actually paying attention to? That would give you a 'leg-up'; an advantage on the path to a successful engagement.
  • Understand the engaged audience of each influencer. What if an influencer on your list was influencing the CTO of one of your major prospect companies? Would this be important information for you? What if you discovered an influencer was highly engaged with a VC with whom you have been trying for months to get a meeting? Would that have an impact on your messaging strategy? Or if a particular influencer was influencing a quorum of other important bloggers/influencers in your space? Would that help you create a more 'scaleable' earned media strategy?

All of these are obviously rhetorical questions posed with the goal of helping you think about the many ways you could use this information in your work. Many of these questions are actual questions our customers have asked themselves when testing out INA. I'm sure there are plenty more questions you'll ask once you've had a chance to dig in.

The point is this -- in this noisy, highly competitive landscape of earned/social media, knowledge is power. Success in social is more and more becoming a game of inches dependent on unique and creative strategies driven by unique and nuanced insights.

We have always believed this and built our platform to deliver information we believe is actionable and offers our customers that ever-elusive 'leg-up.'

The foundation we built with INA and the new influencer Network tab offers exactly this type of insight.

We hope you enjoy exploring this new feature and, as always, would love to hear any feedback you many have.

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