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2016: New Heights for Influencer Marketing

December 2, 2015

As depicted by Google Trends, the term “Influencer Marketing” first searched online as of 2010 and search interest has doubled year over year since 2014. The conversation online and offline is just getting started.

Let’s take a walk through the evolution of the influencer marketing practice–and what you can expect for the future.

At the beginning phase of influencer marketing, marketers identified the influencers that could enable them to gain the trust of the community. The influencer marketing practice then went beyond discovery to listening. At this stage, marketers had identified their influencers but prioritized listening and monitoring the content shared by influencers online to the larger community. There is a subset of early adopters that have broken through this phase and found themselves at the forefront of the emerging practice of influencer marketing. With workflows in place that allowed them to both listen and engage with influencers, these marketers have successfully identified the influencers their prospects trust during the buyer’s journey and have integrated them into their marketing campaigns.

The evolution of Influencer Marketing

 Traackr has Evolved in Parallel With the Influencer Marketing Practice

As the influencer marketing practice has grown the Traackr Influencer Marketing platform has grown in parallel to address the challenges encountered at the aforementioned stages. We’re investing every dollar earned right back into our product development. But it’s not just about new functionality, more geographies and languages–the scope is growing along with the addition of an unrivaled services offering that will take your marketing strategy to new heights. Take a look at the three major product enhancements.

1. Tailor Your Relationship Funnel to Your Brand Strategy

With enhancements to the relationship funnel, you can customize the funnel to meet the needs of your team and organization. The goal of this new feature is to help users monitor each unique relationship in the influencer engagement journey, in order to build successful strategies and measure progress. You’ll be able to define what actions each user needs to take to move the influencers through each stage, aligning your team to your influencer practice.

You’ll be able to leverage social insights to proactively help you nurture your influencer relationships. For example, once an influencer follows your brand handle on Twitter, the influencer moves from “unaware” to “aware” within the relationship funnel. When certain triggers happen, users can identify and track them in order to better automate the process.

Influencer Marketing Relationship Funnel

2. Never Sweat the Details with Workflow Management

To help you further align your teams with your influencer marketing programs, we are developing workflow management features to help you keep track of tasks and activities. When you are organizing an event, you can define what activities should occur with the influencer and track what you have done and with whom.

3. Manage Multiple Accounts with Elevated Collaboration

Enterprise brands will have the ability to collaborate across their global marketing teams and manage multiple accounts. You can manage these accounts, set up a hierarchy, and have a high-level ability to measure the impacts.

At Traackr we’re thrilled to help you scale the impact of your influencer marketing practice.  Our platform helps users become aware of every meaningful touchpoint with the important people in the space. We’re putting them one step away from an action, helping them get as close as possible to acting on the insights and looking to the results on the other side.

What future feature are you most excited about for the influencer marketing practice? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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