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5 Reasons to Join the Academy of Influencer Marketing

February 3, 2016

Influencer marketing is on every 2016 marketing plan. Is your team set up to successfully deliver an influencer program? Are you?

Hot off the presses, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the Academy of Influencer Marketing (AIM), a single place where all influencer marketing best practices come together. Whether you want to sharpen your skills, learn the basics of influencer marketing, or scale your program and measure its effectiveness--AIM will help you hit your mark.

Take our introductory course, led by Shonali Burke, an award-winning social strategist and educator, and master five critical elements of success with your influencer marketing program:

1. Understand why influencer marketing matters and what to do with it

Get an overview on what influence marketing is (and isn’t) by understanding who can drive the most impact for your brand. Discover one of the biggest traps marketers tend to fall into and how you can avoid it.

2. Learn to set goals for your influencer program and connect them with the big picture

What’s success without some goals to help pave the way? Learn to set goals for your influencer program--and hear from influencer Lee Odden on how to secure the budget you need to drive results.

3. Define your conversations and tailor them to influencer archetypes

Understand why context is key and where lasting influence really comes from. Take a walk in the shoes of your target audience, pinpoint conversations they care about most, and discover who influences them along the way.

4. Grasp the fundamentals of influencer engagement and take action

The key to succeeding with influencers lies within this engagement piece, but why is it so challenging for marketers to get started? Learn the essential components to influencer outreach and why ‘always-on programs’ are critical to building relationships with influencers.

5. Create a measurement framework to track your program success

Learn to set your program KPIs and set benchmarks for your metrics. Most importantly, understand how to measure only what matters for your influencer program.

Are you ready to become an influencer marketing expert? Take AIM and hit your mark today.

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