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Reevaluating Your Marketing Strategy During a Pandemic

Today, we launched our podcast The Fast Traack; micro conversations all about elevating our influencer marketing skills. Our first guest is Katie Martell, an unapologetic marketing truth-teller who has been named a top voice on LinkedIn three times! She provides strategic communications guidance to high-growth brands, and has partnered with firms like Adobe, Microsoft, and Oracle. Not to mention, she’s currently working on a documentary exploring the intersection of marketing and social movements.

This episode is co-hosted by Evy (Wilkins) Lyons, VP of Marketing for Traackr and Mackenzie Newcomb, the Influencer Marketing and Social Media Manager at Traackr, micro influencer and aspiring TikTok star.

Our first episode of The Fast Traack centers around a major question on every marketer’s mind right now: How can brands avoid pandering to the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Does every company need to send out an email?
  • Who do customers WANT to hear from?
  • Do you need to toss out your Q2 strategy?
  • How can your brand be helpful in this time of crisis?

While it’s not the time to pause all marketing efforts, it’s crucial to revisit what you had scheduled for this quarter and make plans given our “new normal”, all while ensuring we add real value and avoid coming across as tone deaf.

In the words of Katie, “Put yourself in the mind of your customer, ask what they need from you now.” Then, go do it!  

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Katie Martell
Katie Martell
Unapologetic Marketing Truth Teller

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