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The Fast Traack Podcast: How Can Beauty Brands Transition From IRL to #StayHome?

Mackenzie Newcomb
March 30, 2020

Last week we launched our podcast The Fast Traack; micro conversations all about elevating our influencer marketing skills. In Episode 2, we speak to special guest, Scarlette Tidy, an influencer marketing consultant working her magic behind some of your favorite beauty brands. Previously, she managed paid partnerships for Kendo Brands, where she launched campaigns for OLEHENRIKSEN and Fenty Beauty. 

This episode is co-hosted by Evy (Wilkins) Lyons, VP of Marketing for Traackr and myself, Mackenzie Newcomb, the Influencer Marketing and Social Media Manager at Traackr, micro influencer and book club president. 

In this episode of The Fast Traack podcast, we posed the question: What advice do we have for beauty brands transitioning their influencer activations from IRL to #stayhome? 

  • Should you pause your influencer activations?
  • What type of #stayhome content will my audience respond to?
  • How does supply chain impact influencer relationships?
  • What are some keywords you should avoid right now?

In the midst of a lockdown, we’re seeing unprecedented natural creativity. Now is the time to allow your influencers even more freedom, while simultaneously triple-checking copy for potential insensitivities and tone deafness. Social media will always adapt, and brands that can be useful and flexible in this treacherous time will come out on top. 

Listen up and let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

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