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Top 10 Beauty Brands in Influencer Marketing of 2023

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Marketing Insights & Reports
Top 10 Beauty Brands in Influencer Marketing of 2023
Here is a list of the top beauty brands of 2023 in the US, ranked by VIT.

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Influencer marketing has quickly risen to the fore as a staple discipline that can directly impact all levels of the funnel (from awareness to sales), and build strong brand loyalty. In fact, 61% of US consumers are more likely to buy a product from a brand if they work with an influencer they know and trust. 

As we enter into a new year, we figured we share the top beauty brands in influencer marketing for 2023 in the US. Below are the top beauty brands, ranked by the Brand Vitality Score (VIT) across 3 platforms – Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. 

P.S. We also created a list of the top 10 fashion brands in 2023, ranked by VIT. Check it out here.

Top 10 Beauty Brands by VIT of 2023

1. Rare Beauty

  • VIT 1.30M 
  • Mentions 73k
  • Engagements 468M

2. Sephora 

  • VIT 1.28M
  • Mentions 103k
  • Engagements 308M

3. L’Oréal Paris 

  • VIT 910k
  • Mentions 32.3k
  • Engagements 124M

4. Fenty Beauty

  • VIT 562k
  • Mentions 52.6k 
  • Engagements 196M

5. Kylie Cosmetics

  • VIT 557k
  • Mentions 10.9k
  • Engagements 154M

6. Olay

  • VIT 535k
  • Mentions 2.01k
  • Engagements 13.5M

7. Maybelline  

  • VIT 514k
  • Mentions 35.1k 
  • Engagements 141M

8. CeraVe  

  • VIT 480k
  • Mentions 7.93k
  • Engagements 39.5M

9. NYX  

  • VIT 475k
  • Mentions 61.2k
  • Engagements 155M

10. e.l.f.  

  • VIT 461k
  • Mentions 56.4k
  • Engagements 136M

Top 10 Beauty on Instagram by VIT

1. Rare Beauty

  • VIT 739k
  • Mentions 41.5k
  • Engagements 281M

2. Sephora 

  • VIT 540k
  • Mentions 54k
  • Engagements 154M

3. Kylie Cosmetics

  • VIT 418k
  • Mentions 7.54k
  • Engagements 114M

4. Fenty Beauty

  • VIT 348k
  • Mentions 38k
  • Engagements 131M

5. Huda Beauty

  • VIT 285k
  • Mentions 35.3k
  • Engagements 75.4M

6. NYX

  • VIT 281k
  • Mentions 40.5k
  • Engagements 95.4M

7. Charlotte Tilbury  

  • VIT 267k
  • Mentions 37.8k
  • Engagements 103M

8. Ulta Beauty  

  • VIT 249k
  • Mentions 26.8k
  • Engagements 67.3M

9. Dior  

  • VIT 242k
  • Mentions 25.4k
  • Engagements 95.9M

10. Colourpop  

  • VIT 240k
  • Mentions 32.8k
  • Engagements 92.6M

Top 10 Beauty Brand on TikTok by VIT

1. L’Oréal Paris

  • VIT 680k
  • Mentions 7.58k
  • Engagements 66.3M

2. Sephora 

  • VIT 628k
  • Mentions 34.6k
  • Engagements 139M

3. Olay

  • VIT 485k
  • Mentions 507
  • Engagements 11.4M

4. Rare Beauty

  • VIT 474k
  • Mentions 23.4k
  • Engagements 176M

5. CeraVe

  • VIT 425k
  • Mentions 2.31k
  • Engagements 27.1M

6. Neutrogena

  • VIT 285k
  • Mentions 1.2k
  • Engagements 8.17M

7. Maybelline  

  • VIT 259k
  • Mentions 6.97k
  • Engagements 66.5M

8. e.l.f.  

  • VIT 240k
  • Mentions 14.1k
  • Engagements 75.6M

9. Ulta Beauty  

  • VIT 200k
  • Mentions 11.1k 
  • Engagements 42.5M

10. MAC Cosmetics  

  • VIT 168k
  • Mentions 6.93k 
  • Engagements 38.2M

Top 10 Beauty Brands on YouTube by VIT

1. Sephora 

  • VIT 108k
  • Mentions 11.5k
  • Engagements 15M

2. Rare Beauty

  • VIT 86.2k
  • Mentions 6.22k
  • Engagements 10.2M

3. MAC Cosmetics

  • VIT 72.3k
  • Mentions 6.34k
  • Engagements 9.23M

4. Colourpop

  • VIT 66.9k
  • Mentions 5.88k
  • Engagements 10M

5. Charlotte Tilbury

  • VIT 58.2k
  • Mentions 6.55k
  • Engagements 8.49M

6. Fenty Beauty

  • VIT 53.4k
  • Mentions 3.14k
  • Engagements 5.36M

7. L’Oreal Paris  

  • VIT 52.4k
  • Mentions 4.61k
  • Engagements 7.49M

8. Holo Taco

  • VIT 49.1k
  • Mentions 248
  • Engagements 6.4M

9. e.l.f.

  • VIT 48.9k
  • Mentions 6.74k
  • Engagements 7.2M

10. NYX

  • VIT 48.7k
  • Mentions 5.60k
  • Engagements 7.49M


This report was created by Traackr, the influencer marketing platform for performance-driven marketers. Built to handle the most complex programs, yet nimble enough for small teams that need to do it all. The top beauty brand list was sourced from analyzing influencers in the United States who produced content mentioning at least one of the 2,799 brands from our Beauty Brand Leaderboard.

We analyzed the content produced and shared by these influencers from January 2023 - October 2023. We defined influencer tiers based on total audience size across all platforms as follows.

What is the Brand Vitality Score (VIT)?

Traackr’s proprietary metric helps you understand how content mentioning your brand performs, taking into account visibility, impact, and brand trust. You can learn how VIT is calculated in this whitepaper

Simple. By aggregating multiple data points into one, VIT provides a single metric for success that can be used to benchmark and track trends.

Transparent. The VIT methodology is easy to understand and highly actionable in uncovering where to invest to drive impact.

Meaningful. VIT is based on known brand levers and has been optimized through machine learning to correlate with business metrics at the brand level.

You can learn more about VIT here.

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