Season #4

Balancing empathy and analytics in influencer marketing with Roberta Cammisa, UGG

Empathic, flexible, and analytical. 

These are the characteristics that have fueled Roberta Cammisa’s robust career in influencer marketing. 

Over 10 years, Roberta has worked with various luxury beauty and fashion brands like Ray-Ban, Net-a-Porter, and Charlotte Tilbury. Now as the Head of PR for EMEA at UGG, Roberta embarks on a challenge that many marketers face – how to keep your brand relevant in this fast-paced digital world.

In this podcast episode, you'll hear Roberta’s advice on how to build focused, relevant and impactful influencer programs. More importantly, you’ll hear how the skills that Roberta picked up during her influencer marketing career have set her up to keep UGG and its Classic Boot iconic.

During the conversation, Roberta also shares

  • Why all marketers should embody a chameleon
  • How to set attainable goals for your influencer program
  • Her favorite metric for measuring influencer marketing success across different markets
  • Why she’s excited for the next generation - Gen Alpha
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Guest info

Roberta Cammisa
Roberta Cammisa
Head of PR, EMEA

With over 10 years of experience in Public Relations, Roberta has developed a good understanding and feel for fashion, beauty and luxury, working for brands like Ray-Ban, Net-a-Porter, Charlotte Tilbury.

She is now Head of PR for the EMEA region at UGG, Californian Brand renown for the Classic Chestnut Boot, where she oversees Public Relations, Influencer Marketing and Product Collaborations teams. She is an Internationally minded professional, with good knowledge of different cultures, having had the chance to work effectively across different markets in Europe and globally. She loves to be constantly immersed in future and current trends and able to scan external environments quickly and often: she is a visionary, agile leader who can effectively manage and mentor team growth through change and evolution.

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