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Traackr’s Top 19 of 2019

Jan 7, 2020

As we embark on 2020, we took some time to look back on an incredible 2019. Our customers managed more than a thousand campaigns, vetting hundreds of thousands of profiles and activating influencers in 43 countries… impressive!  

To support this work, we continued to evolve Traackr to meet the needs of the most advanced influencer marketing programs. We focused on providing the best possible data and workflows to make sound influencer marketing decisions at every level. These advancements were seen in areas including influencer selection, campaign management and budgeting and performance measurement. We also released the industry’s only market-level benchmarking for influencer marketing

That’s a lot to take in so we highlighted our top 19 most popular capabilities launched in the last year! 

Better Insights for Influencer Discovery & Vetting

We introduced new data points and influencer performance metrics which make it easier to discover new influencers and evaluate potential partners who meet your specific criteria.  

  • Paid partnership insights. See which brands an influencer has worked with and how well that sponsored content has performed in the past. 
  • Audience quality insights. Gauge the overall quality of an influencer’s audience and categorize the types of followers (real people, influencers, suspicious, etc.) that make up an influencer’s audience.  
  • Expanded audience demographic insights. We added additional data points for audience occupations, income levels and location down to the city level.
  • Brand safety and values match. Automatically analyze influencers’ historical content for controversial terms to manage PR risks and ensure people you work with are aligned with your brand values. 
  • Engagement rate metrics by platform. Find influencers who truly engage their audiences and meet your minimum threshold for engagement rate performance. 
  • Audience engagement rates over time. See how engagement rates have fluctuated over time and spots trends. 

Reduce Manual Influencer Campaign Management Work

Influencer activations take a ton of work, much of which gets done manually. Last year, we released new capabilities to streamline the influencer campaign management process so you can spend less time in spreadsheets and more time building relationships with your partners. 

  • Instagram Stories tracking. Invite your influencers to authenticate with Traackr and automate Stories deliverable tracking. 
  • Customizable campaign workflows for organic and sponsored activations. Set up campaigns for product sends, events and paid content so you can easily track the entire process, associated costs and results.
  • Influencer valuation. Our calculator provides suggested influencer fees based on the past performance of an influencer’s content so you can negotiate confidently and set benchmarks with your partners.
  • Budget management. Manage your budget effectively by selecting the right influencer mix and tracking costs for every campaign. 
  • Email Communications. Send one-to-one and one-to-many emails from within Traackr. Our email feature integrates with the most common work email systems: Outlook/Office365, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail and more. 

Gain Visibility into Performance Across Campaigns

Most of our customers are running tons of campaigns, including thousands of influencer activations every year. We introduced several new ways to keep tabs on influencer marketing activities across campaigns, brands and regions. 

  • Campaign Efficiency Measurement. Measure the results of each campaign with cost based performance metrics including Cost-Per-Mention, Cost-Per-Video-View, Cost-Per-Engagement, etc. 
  • Aggregated view of your influencer database by influencer performance, campaigns participation and investment. Compare influencers based on performance metrics, inclusion in previous campaigns and total investment across all campaigns at a glance. 
  • Global Performance Measurement. For global brands, compare influencer marketing activations by country and across multiple countries.

Measure Performance at the Market-Level 

Last, but absolutely not least, is our benchmarking capability, which provides market-level performance measurement. While most influencer solutions only allow you to measure your impact among influencers you’ve activated, our performance reporting benchmarks your brand and competitors among all influencer generated content in a given country

  • Brand Leaderboard: Measure your share of voice in the market and rank brands by a rich set of metrics to understand competitive behaviors.
  • Influencer Coverage by Tier: Measure the impact of all types of influencers in your country, from celebrities to nano influencers.
  • Paid versus organic Performance: Compare the performance of your paid and earned influencer strategies against your competitors and gain insights into how they are working with influencers.
  • Actionable influencer and content insights: Discover and track the top performing influencers and content for each of your competitors. Understand what’s working and find new influencers to work with.
  • Brand Vitality Score (VIT): Use Traackr’s proprietary metric to understand how content mentioning your brand performs, taking into account visibility, impact, and brand trust.

Check out how these insights have fundamentally changed the way global brands invest in influencers.

We are already hard at work on our 2020 product roadmap during which we will continue to streamline influencer campaign management, keep up with new social platforms and further deepen our measurement capabilities. Thank you to our amazing customers who inspire us everyday! 

If you have questions about Traackr or any of these new capabilities, let us know.