The standard for measuring the impact of influencer content on your market share

Benchmark your brand to measure the impact of influencer strategies and the attention your brand earns in your market. Influencer Market Benchmark (IMB) provides data and competitive insights to align your strategy with business goals, optimize investments, and capture market share.

Our Core Capabilities

Global & Regional Insights
Comprehensive Coverage

Benchmark your performance in the market

Establish standardized benchmarks for your brand, competitors, and industry, and get an unbiased view of your performance in the market.

Optimize influencer marketing investments

Evaluate your strategy with transparent data-driven insights into all influencer activities to increase the efficiency and ROI of your programs.

Capture share of voice in your industry

Protect and grow your brand's market share of voice over time, and continuously identify new influencers who drive results for your brand.

We love our customers

Marc Duquesnoy — Social Media Performance Director, L’Oreal
“IMB has provided our team with a holistic yet easily digestible view of the brand engagement our influencer marketing campaigns earn with our target audiences. Creating a consistent benchmark for us to measure brand love compared to top competitors provides a clear pathway for us to evaluate our influencer marketing strategies and reap the most reward from our investments.”

Marc Duquesnoy

Social Media Performance Director, L’Oreal

Everything you need to measure the impact of influencer content on your market share

Benchmarking & Insights

Competitor Leaderboard
Measure your share of voice in the market, and rank brands by a rich set of metrics to understand competitive behaviors and identify new risers within your industry.
Actionable Influencer and Content Insights
Discover and track the top performing influencers and content for each of your competitors. Understand what’s working and find new influencers to work with.
Category Benchmarking
Analyze how your brands are performing within their category, and measure your market share across multiple categories.

Comprehensive Market Coverage

Platform Analysis
Measure consistently across key social platforms and understand where to focus your efforts for the most impact.
Paid & Organic Performance
Compare the performance of your paid and earned influencer strategies. Gain insight into how your competitors are allocating budgets.
All Influencer Tiers
Measure the impact of all types of influencers in your country on your brand and competitors, from celebrities to nano influencers.