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Announcing the 2019 State of Influence: Beauty Report by Traackr

Oct 23, 2019

If there is one thing for certain; it’s that beauty never goes out of style. Despite this, trends change at a rapid pace. What’s hot one year could be cold the next, and it’s important to evolve your influencer marketing strategy to keep up with emerging trends.

Today, Traackr released the 2019 State of Influence: Beauty Report. This report was created using Influencer Market Benchmark (IMB), our technology platform which analyzes the performance of influencer generated content mentioning brands in a given market. For this particular study, we looked at 122 beauty brands across three categories: makeup, skincare and hair care.

Designed to provide high-level market insights for beauty marketers, this report will help your brand navigate the best influencer marketing practices in this congested space. Perhaps you’re better off activating influencers on one social channel as opposed to another. Maybe you need to re-think your seeding strategy. Your tiering strategy might not be as well-distributed as it should be. Our data helps answer these questions and provoke new ideas.

We’re talking about:

  • The Impact of VIP endorsements in the US vs Europe
  • The success of skincare activations on Youtube
  • How hair care companies optimize community-based micro influencers
  • Why diversifying your tiering strategy is important
  • Why scaling your influencer program is vital, but not without quality control
  • How you can get your money’s worth by working with mid-tier influencers
  • The importance of data driven partnerships
  • Re-inventing your seeding strategy!

The 2019 State of Influence: Beauty Report also highlights the importance of using data  to make smart influencer marketing decisions. In order to make impactful changes, you need to measure beyond your campaigns and look at your performance in the wider market.  Download a copy of the report and get inspired for your own strategy in 2020!