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6 Successful Instagram Influencer Sponsorships

Jan 18, 2023

Despite the fact that video has become such a key focus of content over the past few years, Instagram has been able to maintain its hold on influencers and consumers. In fact, UK, French, and German consumers ranked Instagram as their most used social platform, while US consumers ranked Instagram as their second.

So what are some concrete examples of Instagram content that works? Below we detail some successful Instagram influencer posts that were labeled as sponsored, and earned high engagements and video views. 

6 Examples of Successful Sponsored Instagram Content

Most engaging

The following posts some of the highest total engagements in Q4 2022. 

Alexa Anglin x Ulta Beauty

  • Day-in-the-life self care. In this paid post, Alexa takes her audience along with her as she gives herself a “treat” by getting a blowout at Ulta Beauty for the first time. She shows every step of the process, from driving there, to reviewing the products her stylist used, to checking out the final results. It’s a cool way to feature Ulta Beauty as a destination for more than just shopping!
  • Bonus product feature. In addition to featuring the products her stylist used, she also featured some products she got for her family and friends on the way out. The message: treat yourself while also getting some shopping done!

Kripa Patel Joshi x Benefit Cosmetics

  • Seeing is believing. This is a tried and true video formula that has worked for a few mascara products — in-real-time application. There’s nothing quite like watching an influencer apply the product to their bare lashes, and seeing the magic of them building up (or not). In this case, Benefit Cosmetics’ BADgal BANG passed the test, giving Kripa long and full lashes. 
  • Crash test.  After applying, Kripa then does a smudge proof test on camera where she rubs a white towel on her lashes. She comes away smudge proof, and also manages to catch her surprise/delight on video, which is a compelling selling point!

Ava x Lancôme 

  • Easy tutorial. Ava and her mom created a tutorial that’s easy for their audience to follow along to. What’s great is that folks can just do it with their hands instead of using fancy tools. What’s nice for Lancôme too, is that this makes their serum the only product featured in the video. 
  • Trendy, but make it multigenerational. This video came out at a time when facial massages are having a trendy moment. What’s cool is that Ava and her mom making this video together point to the fact that this technique is not actually new — it’s been around for generations, especially in some Asian cultures! We also love a mother/daughter duo with equally incredible skin. (P.S. There's also a whole trend on brand partnering with multi-generational influencers.)

Most video views

The following posts earned large amounts of total video views.

Niamh x Charlotte Tilbury

  • Funny context. Niamh takes this sponsored post in a different direction, opting for humor over content that discusses ingredients or application. In her short, witty video, she sets the scene for why she needs Charlotte Tilbury’s cryo recovery mask (she stayed up too late talking with her sister). It’s a fresh twist on self care and skincare! 
  • Relatable for the holidays. The sister bonding element is a perfect angle for the holidays, as most folks are back home visiting their families. It also happens to fit really well with Niamh’s own content and voice, as she often talks about how much she loves bonding with her sister (who lives in a different country)!

Steph x Anastasia Beverley Hills

  • Trend testing. Steph’s video recapping some of the makeup hacks that “actually work” is a genius way to show off Anastasia products. Not only is it a super efficient video that shows a lot of information relatively quickly, with no fluff. It also exclusively features Anastasia products without feeling too salesy! And of course, application, application, application! We all know makeup enthusiasts love to learn better ways to apply their makeup. 💁

Wendy x e.l.f.

  • Seasonal. Wendy sets the scene and outlines the need for e.l.f.’s specific products in a few ways — the first is her nod to the cold season and how it creates the need for hydration. This is a great way to reel folks in who may already have skincare products, but are looking to discover something new. 
  • Affordable and inclusive routine. Whether intentional or not, Wendy created a video that is incredibly approachable. She’s a skincare girly that’s not perfect! In a world telling you to be perfect with your skincare, her sharing that she went to sleep with makeup on is refreshing. And even better? She highlight’s e.l.f.’s affordable prices as she takes her audience through a mid-step skincare routine (not short but not long) that can help them if they accidentally make the same mistake too. 

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