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Partnering with Multi-Generational TikTok Influencers

Jul 11, 2022

How to Partner with Multi-Generational TikTok Influencers

It’s 2022, and gone are the days of influencers squeezing one hundred hours of vlog footage out of the much-anticipated soft-launch of a boyfriend. Moms, dads, grandpappys, and of course, boyfriends, are increasingly finding themselves staring down a white fluorescent donut while they execute dance choreography that they may or may not have learned hours earlier under some sort of duress.

Ignoring the means by which TikTok influencers achieve their at-home flash-mob ends, marketers should be asking themselves why, and when, they should seek to partner with influencers who are willing to incorporate the perfect guest feature in the form of a mother, a father, or a lover. 

Here’s how your brand could benefit from working with influencers and their multi-generational family members, along with some brand-led and organic “best of” examples.

Gain access to new growth audiences

Multi-generational or partnered content can fast-track the amplification of your content beyond your primary target audience, and get it in front of new, or growth audiences. Viewers will be far more likely to proactively share content to their loved ones when they see them already represented in the post. This is a great trick when your brand’s aim is to increase awareness among a new audience. This “boyfriend does my curly hair” video is a great sponsored example of this:


okay it’s up to y’all to tell him how he did in the comments

♬ Replay - Iyaz

Tip: In our recent Influencer Marketing Impact report, Gen Z and Millennial consumers said that short videos are the most engaging content type — so collabing with these TikTok influencers might help you reach them! 

Change the perception around a product 

While your product is likely marketed to a specific age and gender demographic, you know all too well that your product is almost universally suitable. Friends, family and lovers of different ages and genders present the perfect test subjects for your classic influencers to demonstrate live that your products don’t just work for them, they work for everyone – regardless of packaging, or perception. This is the ideal hack for when your brand’s aim is to promote consideration among a new audience. This “Brotox dad” is a great organic example of this:

Highlight your brand’s legacy status

So many brands are increasingly tapping into their legacies, as they compete for market share among a sea of exciting indies. Mothers and grandmothers are the perfect vessels for the message of timeless quality and effectiveness: if your brand considers itself a legacy brand, you should be thinking about campaigns that can feature two – even three! – generations. This is an excellent way to establish your brand’s desired perception, or reinforce your brand’s authenticity. This “Talbots grandma” is a great sponsored example of this:

Ultimately the power of the multi-generational or partner guest feature lies in the addition of a fresh and unexpected perspective, giving your influencer the perfect opportunity to sing your brand or product’s praises, answer questions, and strike down doubts, all in a live environment. Combined with the opportunity to cross-pollinate among other audiences, brands would be wise to harness the impact of the strategic guest spot. 


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