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The power of influencers is on the rise, thanks to the central role that social media and the creator economy now play in consumer life. There’s an overarching sense that influencers impact consumers — but what impact exactly?

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How do influencers and social platforms affect content consumption, brand affinity, and purchase behaviour?

We asked
500 Consumers

What social media platforms do you use regularly? Which video content types do you find most engaging? Which social platforms are you most likely to purchase products from? What factors play into your purchase decisions? And more…

Top 5 most used social platforms, ranked by consumers:

1. Instagram

2. YouTube

3. Facebook

4. TikTok

5. Snapchat


Of consumers say that they prefer to watch comedic / humorous videos on social media

However, consumers choose to follow brand accounts for a very different reason — product recommendations and deals.


Of consumers at least somewhat agree that they use social media to connect with family, friends, and community

This is an even bigger focus for consumers that are younger (Gen Z) and female identifying.

The Top 5 most used social platforms for purchasing products, ranked by consumers:

1. Instagram

2. TikTok

3. Facebook

4. YouTube

5. Pinterest


of consumers are at least somewhat likely to agree that they are more likely to purchase a product from a brand if an influencer they know and trust posts about it.

Community and authenticity are key for our influencer marketing strategy. When we evaluate the effectiveness of our program, we take a qualitative look at each partnership. Does what we’re asking make sense with the content the influencer already creates? What’s the sentiment of the influencer’s community — are they engaged or passive? We also strive to find partners that are actively managing and fostering the growth of their communities.

Sarah Shaker — Head of Brand Engagement, Maybelline New York
Sarah Shaker
Head of Brand Engagement
Maybelline New York

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