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Orange Case Study

How Orange activated influencers to successfully launch a new solution, Homelive.
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Explore the business challenges Orange faced while launching Homelive and uncover how they solved these marketing dilemmas with influencer marketing. Read this case study to learn how to aivate social influence to gain expert recommendations

Traackr Case Studies
Orange Case Study
How Orange activated influencers to successfully launch a new solution, Homelive.

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Orange France is a global player in the telecommunications industry and leader within the French market. Historically

a fixed-line and mobile telephone operator and internet provider, Orange has recently extended its offering to new territories including the sale of digital content, ecommerce, and online advertising.

At the end of 2014, Orange launched Homelive, a solution that enables you to manage connected objects in your home by using your smartphone. With this new solution, Orange entered a completely new market for the brand, the connected home.

Traackr saves us a lot of time by helping to identify the right influencers according to the profiles we are looking for and to manage their activation by activity and community.
—Philippe Duhot Brand Content & Digital Manage


Orange identified, segmented, and activated influential communities along the customer awareness process to:

  • Generate awareness
  • Create product desirability
  • Obtain experts’ recommendations and gain credibility

For this campaign, Orange was able to leverage two communities, which the brand has been developing relationships with for a long time: Marketing & Communication influencers and High Tech influencers. In addition, Orange targeted and engaged two new communities specifically relevant for Homelive: Lifestyle & Design and Connected Home.

Increase visibility by inviting influencers to participate in a fun digital experience

Orange activated the Marketing & Communication community with the social campaign #BougezRoger, built on the “Roger, can you please come?” TV advertisement. The online initiative aimed to increase visibility around the product and highlight

its features through an interactive and fun digital experience. Influencers received a personalized #BougezRoger toolkit to get involved, with outcomes expected in terms of mentions and impressions on social networks.

Generate desirability by creating a PR event at a renowned showroom in Paris

Orange activated a new community, Lifestyle & Design, and invited influencers to a PR event in the renowned designer B&B Italia showroom in Paris. The objective aimed to get Homelive recognized as an interior design and decoration object through product displays in the showroom.

Establish the solution’s credibility amongst prospective customers

The ‘always-on’ High Tech community (core to Orange’s business) and Connected Home (new to the brand) were activated with the operation #JeTesteOrange to generate product reviews and qualified traffic to the Homelive website. Influencers benefited from a program of product loans and tests with expected outcomes in terms of long-form content creation. This helped to establish Homelive as a credible home automation solution and to boost SEO performance.

How did Orange leverage Traackr?

Traackr enabled Orange to save time and improve its efficiency to:

  • Identify the right influencers on each topic, organize them by community, and map their relationships.
  • Listen to and engage with the influencers’ conversations.
  • Manage activation of the influencers by community and by initiative.
  • Measure the outcomes of each initiative by analyzing online publications and mentions, including voice and tone, and evaluate the impact of each influencer.

By providing immediate aggregated results, Traackr offers real- time visibility on the overall campaign performance through its various components.


Segmenting by community of influence and setting up specific activities and KPIs has worked well for Orange. Quantity and distribution of the impact have varied from one community to the next. Together, they have ensured the success of the launch of Homelive in this new sector.

An impressive visibility and resonance through the Marketing & Communication community

Homelive’s dedicated website received 20K+ unique visitors per day, 55K of those redirected from the #BougezRoger campaign site that has generated 3.75M+ impressions. Marketing & Communication experts produced 95% of

their content on social channels and amongst the 50 influencers approached, 27 actively participated. Their publications generated 970K impressions, more than 25% of #BougezRoger’s total impact.

A recognized brand and a credible solution through the Connected Home and High Tech communities

With 14K mentions and 60% share of voice, Homelive box and app were at the heart of home automation conversations. Connected Home experts have been the most engaged and the ones who have written the most long-form content (46% of their publications) with an overall positive tone. Product reviews and shares of Orange’s brand assets have enabled the brand to rank amongst the top 10 results on Google.

Development of a strong relationship with the Connected Home community

The campaign has also enabled Orange to forge strong bonds with the influencers from the Connected Home community. They have become active moderators of the product’s user forum and were invited to a roundtable with the brand’s marketing team to work on the evolution of the product. They are now an integral part of the Homelive ecosystem.

Keys to Success

  • Identify relevant conversations and segment the communities to activate
  • Provide value and specific content to each target audience to maximize impact
  • Define appropriate objectives and KPIs for each community activation

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