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What’s Your Influencer Marketing IQ?

Jun 23, 2016

There’s more to influencer marketing than getting famous brandividuals to Tweet about your product, mention your company, or co-author content. The right long-term influencer relationships can lead to a massive awareness shift among your audience, and eventually an increase in qualified leads.

But with this potential for great reward, there’s an equal responsibility to getting it right. Because when influencer marketing goes wrong, it can completely jeopardize an organization's reputation. So, ask yourself; if you had to take an influencer marketing exam right this second, would you ace it?

As more and more marketers have been exposed to the amazing return-on-investment that comes with our craft, influencer marketing’s popularity has spiked. Which means thousands of fresh practitioners enter the fold each month. Much like Facebook advertising, Twitter, organic SEO and other relatively new marketing trends, some will take the time to get things right, others not so much.

So, grab some popcorn folks. Because like all tipping points, influencer marketing’s rise will bear witness to big wins and serious losses.

At Traackr, we’ve watched many marketers transition from dabbling to drastically scaling their influencer programs in the past year. And we can say with certainty that it’s the nitty gritty fundamentals that set the winners and losers apart.

Which is why we developed the Academy of Influencer Marketing. Simply put, the Academy is an educational resource and all-inclusive guide to getting it right with influencers.  

In the following blog series, we will discuss topics featured in our coursework, and feature insights from some of the leading minds working in marketing today. You’ll hear from Mark SchaeferJoe Pulizzi and Neal Schaffer on topics ranging from co-creation to building trust with an audience.

Join us on a journey to uncover influencer marketing best practices in the coming weeks, where we’ll explore a range of topics including:

Part 1: Understanding Trust & The Buyer’s Journey with Mark Schaefer

Part 2: At the Crossroads of Content & Influence with Joe Pulizzi

Part 3: B2B Social Influencer Curation and Collaboration with Dell’s Konstanze Alex-Brown

Ready to get started?

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