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[Video] How Travelocity Works with Experts to Advance the Art of Travel

Tatiana Beale
March 31, 2016

As the world’s first Online Travel Agency (OTA), Travelocity’s mission is to inspire people to travel and be their champion throughout the journey. Sounds pretty aspirational, right? Well, most OTAs are known for delivering customer experiences that are purely transactional, lacking a human touch and an authentic connection. So Travelocity set out to reverse that widespread perception by creating a community, known as The Gnational Gnomads, to build relationships with influential travel experts.

By monitoring this community and engaging with key travel experts, Travelocity could impact its customers in an authentic way. Watch the video below and see how Travelocity kicked off its influencer marketing program to build a meaningful, inspirational community.


Travelocity enabled real experts to engage with the brand, get to know the team, and align with the company’s overall goals to make the customer experience even better. The video reveals what it means to be a Gnomad and why it’s so exciting for them to be able to share the tips and tricks they’ve learned along their journey as professional travelers.

Now you’ve gotten a glimpse into how Travelocity builds meaningful, long-term relationships with influential travel experts. Take the next step and read the full success story, where you’ll learn how Travelocity launched this influencer marketing program and what happened as a result.

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