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Marketers Share What Makes Traackr the Top Influencer Marketing Platform

Oct 20, 2023

If you’re an influencer marketer, then you know that a lot of your time can get sucked into dull or unnecessarily complicated tasks. Using an influencer marketing platform can make your job significantly easier!

However, bringing on an influencer marketing platform is no small task. They aren’t cheap, and there are a lot to choose from. Of course, if you asked us we’d (very biasedly) say that Traackr is the best influencer marketing platform out there. We have the largest global influencer data set, the most thorough influencer discovery and vetting feature, one-of-a-kind market benchmarking… all things you can learn by scrolling on our website. 

So what kind of value does Traackr actually bring to marketers that use it?

Below read real reviews from real marketers who use and love Traackr’s influencer marketing platform. And, if this article ends up convincing you, contact us. ;) 

“What I like best about Traackr is that the platform offers full functionality. You can search for content creators, but also run a full campaign from the tool - you can track potential reach, impressions, engagements, conversions, ROI data, and more. Traackr has helped us elevate how we set up and run our campaigns. It has also helped us be more informed so that we can make better decisions on future campaigns.” — Meredith W, G2 Crowd Review of Traackr

Marketers Share What Makes Traackr the Top Influencer Marketing Platform

Traackr Makes Influencer Discovery and Vetting More Efficient

“Traackr helps me to save time while I research and select influencers for various international campaigns. I love how I can easily see all the stats from the influencers and that can help with making quicker decisions.” — G2 Crowd Review of Traackr

Some influencer marketing platforms have a restrictive influencer database where you can only discover influencers on a certain platform or country. With Traackr’s influencer marketing platform you can search for influencers in 71 countries, 26 languages and 13 platforms, drilling down with:

  • Extensive influencer data. Search by influencer socio-demographic criteria such as job title, gender, location, language, platform, follower count, and engagement rate.
  • Key audience demographics. Find influencers with audiences that align with your target by honing in on age, gender, language, ethnicity, location, interests, and brand affinity
  • In-depth content search tools. Quickly and easily sift through potential partner’s past content with Traackr’s keyword search, or look by interests, hashtags, or brand mentions. 
  • KPI benchmarks based on historical data. Gain insights into how your brand and competitors’ influencer content is performing.
  • Get proactive recommendations. Traackr offers automated recommendations of new influencers talking about your brand, competitors, and key topics of interest. It also allows you to discover influencers with similar audience demographics or similar content, as well as people who follow these influencers and have a large audience.
“I really like the metrics Traackr shows to compare different influencer profiles, so you can quickly check if the profile matches your interests or not. I also like that you can search using keywords they used in their content, so you can find new profiles easily.” — Carla M, G2 Crowd Review of Traackr

Traackr’s Influencer Marketing Platform Helps Keep Teams Aligned and Organized 

“By getting everyone on the same page, using the same technology, with transparent access to data, we all gained better visibility into what works most efficiently so we can confidently invest more.” — Barbara Mugica, Associate Director for Personal Care Digital Marketing at Colgate-Palmolive Europe

For teams of all sizes it’s important to have all influencer details and data in one place. For many marketers, Traackr serves as a kind of relationship management technology for their influencer partnerships. This helps them streamline activations, collaborate efficiently and keep information organized and transparent.

So what kinds of data and actions do marketers store in Traackr’s influencer marketing platform? Here’s a short list:

  • Relationship management. Marketers like that Traackr allows them to segment influencers by custom groups, so they can quickly find the right folks for specific campaigns (they can group by topics, tiers, archetypes, etc). Traackr also allows brands to assign relationship ownership to individual team members and track relationship stages — this is critical, as much of influencer marketing is based on strong relationship building! 
  • Project management. Sometimes influencer marketing campaigns can get messy, especially when you’re working on a tight deadline (which is almost always the case). Traackr gives teams the option to define workflows so every teammate knows what to do, and who to get reviews/approvals from. Marketers can also add notes to influencer profiles to track activities and share valuable information with fellow teammates. 
  • Performance metrics and spend efficiency. All teammates have access to the same performance data for each influencer and campaign. They can also track how much the team spent and report back on impact for each influencer — no better way to get smarter with your spending!
“The best part of Traackr has to be the ability to jump into each separate campaign and see the exact progress of the campaign and the results at any given moment. Working for an agency is a crucial benefit when working across multiple brands and campaigns at any given time.” — Nick G, G2 Crowd Review of Traackr

Traackr isn’t just an influencer platform that optimizes collaboration across teams, it also streamlines influencer communication, making onboarding and managing influencers fast and efficient. What does that really mean? No more DMing influencers on a billion different platforms. Marketers can send personalized emails to their influencers individual and en masse, through Traackr. They can also send notifications to influencers for new campaigns and content change requests/approvals, and even invite them onboard to new product seeding campaigns

Tip: Traackr Studios streamlines product seeding with a landing page outlining details of the gifting campaign – influencers can even make product selections!

Traackr Helps Marketers Understand Influencer Marketing ROI

“The most helpful thing about the Traackr platform is that it helps marketers invest in the right campaigns and programs that scale globally.” — Steven P, G2 Crowd Review of Traackr

An efficient influencer marketing platform provides you with the data you need to make your influencer marketing spending more efficient, maximize your ROI, and understand how you’re stacking up against your competition.

“Having worked in social media for many years, and having tried many platforms - Traackr definitely offers the most in-depth analytics and reporting that I've ever used. They work across all platforms, offer compelling competitive data, and have excellent customer service. Their international capabilities are also fantastic, which are crucial when working for a global company.” — G2 Crowd Review of Traackr

Traackr makes it easier for brands to keep influencer campaigns aligned with a company’s strategies and goals by providing up-to-date data on:

  • Cost efficiency. Traackr gives marketers easy access to cost efficiency metrics (e.g. cost per view, cost per post, etc.) so they know exactly who packs a bigger punch when it comes to ROI.
  • Campaign effectiveness. Marketers like that Traackr makes it easy to measure campaigns across all major social platforms. They can track desired outcomes like awareness, engagements, or conversions and drill into the content and creators behind them.
  • Program performance. For marketers at larger brands, they love that Traackr allows them to track all KPIs and spend over time and across markets, brands, categories, campaigns, campaign types, influencers, platforms, and tiers. This allows them to monitor the health of their program and identify opportunities to optimize!

Last but not least, not many influencer marketing platforms can say that they’ve created a metric specifically for influencer marketing, but Traackr did just that! In 2019, Traackr introduced the Brand Vitality Score (VIT) to help marketers better understand the performance of their influencer marketing campaigns and how to optimize. VIT provides all the complexity in influencer marketing in a single metric. VIT can be used to determine the success of your ROI and spend, the performance of a post or campaign, and where your brand ranks among competitors. You can learn more about VIT here, or see which beauty and fashion brands are winning in influencer marketing performance (by VIT) here

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