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The Fast Traack Podcast: How is the Business Model Changing for Influencer Right Now?

Apr 28, 2020

Last month we launched our podcast The Fast Traack; micro conversations all about elevating our influencer marketing skills. In Episode 5 we speak to Tomi Obebe, a full-time micro influencer. We asked her to share her first hand experience as a full-time fashion influencer living in a #stayhome world.  

In this episode of The Fast Traack podcast, we posed the question: How is The Business Model Changing For Influencer Right Now?

  • How has quarantine changed her initial content plan for this quarter? 
  • Have any partnerships been cancelled as a result of the change in the world?
  • Have any new/unexpected partnerships arisen as a result of COVID-19?
  • How has the nature of her engagement with her audience changed as a result of quarantine?

In conclusion: Influencer partnerships are still happening, but they need to make sense. Allow influencers leniency on your standard brand guidelines! At this moment in time, influencers are all-in-one creative agencies, and everyone needs content. 

Listen up and let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

Photo: Tomi Obebe