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Singapore Steps Up Influencer Marketing

May 14, 2015

Good news for all Traackr customers looking to expand their influencer programs in the Asia Pacific region - Traackr is now available in Singapore. Traackr’s increased global availability is in response to the growing demand for reliable, scalable influencer marketing solutions.

With over 5,000 users worldwide, 150 enterprise customers and 40% of leading digital agencies, Traackr's platform is the all-in-one solution leveraged by cross-functional marketing teams around the world. Traackr conducts business in 11 languages and now services customers in 35 countries.

What’s buzzing in influencer marketing in Singapore?

As influencer marketing continues to rise and the demand for Traackr in the APAC region grows, we are seeing more innovative use cases out of Singapore, like the Philips Asia Digital Command Center (PADDC).

Philips ASEAN, is leading a groundbreaking organizational change to a fully-digital marketing model. The first step in the transformation was the creation of a digital command center. We’ve seen listening and command centers before, but this one is different – led with an influencer-marketing focus, Damien Cummings (CMO of Philips ASEAN) calls it “the most unique version in the world.

“We expect the PADCC to be ‘net neutral’ in terms of its impact on the company’s marketing spend, and will reduce cost over the long term. [The PADCC] would give us high core measurement from marketing and the ability to take the guesswork out of it.” – Damien Cummings

Another interesting campaign recently out of Singapore is Coca-Cola and Ogilvy & Mather’s award-winning, #CokeDrones: Coca-Cola partnered with the Singapore Kindness Movement to help share happiness, Coca-Cola’s brand philosophy. They collected over 2,000 messages from the local community and delivered them, using drones, over migrant construction workers, who are often underappreciated in Singapore. “Each delivery brought happiness from the skies, and every message a sense of recognition and belonging.”

In addition to social media marketing to amplify the campaign, Coca-Cola and Ogilvy also engaged local influencers to help share the videos, along with traditional PR tactics. The end result was an amplified campaign that along with media buzz and increased awareness, included 8,696 influencer pieces on blogs and social media.

Last year we saw a huge rise in the influencer marketing practice and an impressive increase in the quality of influencer marketing campaigns out there, and we can only expect to see this trend continue. As more innovative campaigns arise from APAC and Singapore, we are thrilled that we will play a part in helping those brands better scale their influencer marketing programs.