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Best Influencer Marketing Programs of 2014

Jan 19, 2015

One great way to create or raise awareness for your brand, is through those individuals who have the highest ability to support your messages and relay news to the right audience. When you work with influencers, your message can go from one to many without relying on paid media.

Creating brand advocacy is also a successful, cost-effective strategy for influencer marketing. Finding and cultivating influential advocates, those who promote your company without being on payroll, is the Holy Grail for brands.

At Traackr we have the luxury of working with amazing brands and marketers that create waves in influencer marketing. In addition to the innovative programs created by our customers, we are always on the lookout for the best in class influencer marketing campaigns and programs out there. And last year was a big one for influencer marketing! Here are a few of our favorite and most notable influencer marketing programs and campaigns from the year:

Valvoline (B2C automotive)

Motor oil company Valvoline worked with PR agency Cohn & Wolfe to create an automotive and DIY influencer program - a series of video campaigns with influential bloggers, writers and amateur racers to increase brand awareness and possibly empower audiences to DIY on their own cars (or at least change their oil).

We worked with our influencers and racing partners to start the conversation, and from there received an enthusiastic response back from the community with their own input and ideas."  -  Jamal Muashsher, Director of Marketing Valvoline

Philips (B2B/B2C)

Philips ASEA Healthcare and Lighting divisions developed “the most unique version of a content marketing programme,” the Philips Asia Digital Command Centre. The PADCC performs social monitoring, content creation, engagement and analysis. Influencer relationships across the Consumer Lifestyle, Lighting and Healthcare Industries help increase the brand’s presence and expand audience knowledge of Philips beyond their traditional brand perception as a consumer electronics company.

Once we have thought leadership and a clear stake in the ground, we will sell more products,” - Damien Cummings, CMO Philips ASEAN
Philips Asia DIgital Command Centre

Gilt (B2C ecommerce)

Gilt created a live events-focused partnership with Ticketmaster. One key strategy is a heavy influencer-driven program, building partnerships with artists to drive awareness for specific initiatives, like new tours and album launches. Then, existing members are given engaging content around those exclusive events.

“Our position as a diverse lifestyle platform opens the door for native influencer integration… If you look at how we partner with influencers, you will see that it is much less of an endorsement and more of a partnership.” - H.L. Ray, Senior Director of Business Development and Entertainment Gilt

ASOS (B2C fashion)

ASOS is paving the way for fashion influencer marketing. One campaign in their influencer program is their #AccessAllAsos advocacy program. As a leading place for “20-somethings to share ideas and trade with each other”, ASOS has historically built a strong social media presence. The #AccessAllASOS program further expands the presence of the brand online and delivers authentic advocacy and brand recommendation online.

“ASOS is a WOM brand. Recommendation is so important, it should be enough to drive the growth that we want to drive.” - Hannah Craik, Global Head of Social Media ASOS
Tweets around #AccessAllASOS brand advocacy program

Cointreau (B2C lifestyle)

To create social media buzz about their brand ambassador, Dita Von Teese’s visit to India and the launch of her cocktail CointreauSutra, Cointreau focused on Fashion, Luxury and Lifestyle influencers. They reached out to influencers and bloggers to get the word out about the new cocktail, invited them to come to CointreauSutra parties to meet Von Teese and share their experiences.

Estée Lauder (B2C beauty)

Estee Lauder Creme de La Mer, Illuminating Eye Gel treatment launched a campaign that highlights the emotional appeal of the brand by sharing individual stories in a video series, “Through Their Eyes.” The campaign gives readers the opportunity to see short videos of “Illuminating Moments” between high-style couples that use La Mer.

“The couples series will be successful in connecting the brand and product with aspirational trendsetters which gives La Mer cultural relevance hard to establish on it’s own.” - Marko Muellner, Digital Vice President and Group Director Edelman Portland

These are some of our favorites - share with us your favorite influencer marketing programs and campaigns from the year. We’d love to hear about them!