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Rising Influencers: 6 Body Positivity Advocates

May 17, 2021

6 Body Positivity Influencers

Rigid beauty standards are out — inclusivity is in. In a recent data report, we found that the amount of posts about body positivity, acceptance and neutrality increased by 25% from 2019 to 2020, with engagements also climbing by an astonishing 345%. Similarly, the amount of influencers talking about and advocating for body inclusivity in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle space increased by 54%. So who are some of the folks leading the conversation?

We searched through a set of 42,022 influencers across the U.S. and Europe to find influencers who are speaking openly and honestly about these topics. Below we profile six influencers, and dig in to why they’re such compelling advocates. 

Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameisjessamyn)

Mid-tier: 465K followers on Instagram and 523 followers on TikTok

Jessamyn is the conversation starter behind the #everybodyyoga movement and has been the center of the body acceptance conversation surrounding what it looks like to be healthy and active. She is also a person of many talents: in addition to being a social media influencer she is an author, podcast host, and a virtual fitness instructor.

Kenny Ethan Jones (@kennyethanjones)

Mid-tier: 100K followers on Instagram

Kenny grew a following after going viral for his campaign to normalize men with periods. Kenny leads the discussion that body acceptance and neutrality is more than just about weight, it’s about all facets of what it means to have a body. Kenny is one of the leading voices in the rising transgender conversation online.

Clara Guillem (@claraandherself)

Mid-tier: 170K followers on Instagram and 904.6K followers on TikTok

Clara approaches the topic of body positivity and acceptance with a very straight-forward, honest tone. Her content ranges from conversational videos like this explanation of the difference between body confidence and neutrality, to montage-esque videos that show just how deceiving photos on social media can be. She also recently started a series that shows outfits on her before/after a full day of meals, with the intention to break the expectation that bodies always look slim and picture-ready.

Izzie Rodgers (@izzierodgers)

Mid-tier: 103K followers on Instagram and 3,930 followers on TikTok

Izzie is unique in this list in that her posts about body positivity and self love specifically include skin - more specifically, acne. Izzie does post more “traditional” body positivity content like this side by side comparison, but puts her own twist on it by discussing the uncomfortable positions it takes to be “Instagram ready”. She also shares a lot of content about her battle with acne, and her journey towards loving and accepting her skin the way it is.

Tip: We’ve been seeing the appetite for more open and honest conversations about skincare climb. In our last State of Influence: Beauty data report, we found that from 2019 to 2020 there was a 34% increase in the number of influencers talking about acne, and a 194% increase in the number of engagements with that type of content. It’s likely that some of this is a result of consumers wanting to tackle specific skin issues head on, but the rise of skin-positive influencers like Izzie also suggests that consumers want the conversation to be about more than just a “solution”.

Remi Bader (@remibader)

Mid/top-tier: 144K followers on Instagram and 1.3M followers on TikTok

Remi is the latest fashion influencer to come out of literally nowhere and skyrocket into social media stardom. The 26 year-old New Yorker got her start posting “realistic shopping hauls” and sharing what the outfits look like on her plus-sized body. Accompanied with an A+ humor, Remi is an instant-influencer with over 1M followers on TikTok that will likely continue to climb.

NPP (@nalgonapositivitypride)

Mid-tier: 130K followers on Instagram 

Started by activist Gloria Rinis (@gloriarinis), this profile is less about a specific influencer and more about a community. Nalgona Positivity Pride is meant to be an organization that brings awareness to intersectional issues, including (but not necessarily limited to) eating disorders, body liberation, BIPOC injustices, mental health, and more. The Instagram profile has content that ranges from educational posts, to news alerts, to promotions of the organization’s Etsy shop products. The organization also hosts events, takes speaking engagements, and facilitates two ED support groups. 

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