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Powering Up Traackr’s Twitch Integration for Stronger Influential Gamer Activations

Jan 15, 2020

Today we released a deeper integration with Twitch, bringing live stream insights into Traackr. You can now discover and vet Twitch creators based on the content and performance of their live streams. 

Influencer marketing in the gaming vertical is on the rise, and Twitch is the top platform for gamers, growing at impressive rates. The platform is also moving into new areas such as e-sports, live music, and lifestyle and beauty streaming. 

With our integration of Twitch users and data into Traackr, you can:

  • Discover new influencers in gaming and other topics on Twitch
  • Rank and vet them based on their Twitch audience size and performance metrics 
  • Monitor the video and stream content they produce on the platform and measure Twitch video and stream mentions and viewership.

These new data points strengthen our initial Twitch integration and enable you to gauge a gamer’s reach, understand which games they stream and measure performance during gaming events organized by game brands. 

Influence on Twitch is measured differently compared to mainstream platforms such as Instagram and Twitter because content is streamed versus posted. You can learn more about how we approached influential gamer identification in this article by Sofya Mulenok, Data Analyst at Traackr.  

While gaming still makes up the core audience, Twitch is fast expanding to other areas, as seen by beauty brands attending the recent TwitchCon event and streaming makeup tutorials. We’ve even seen U.S. Presidential candidates Andrew Yang and Bernie Sanders on the platform. Do you have plans to engage with the Twitch community this year? Drop us a comment or reach out with questions!