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How to Write an Influencer Marketing Job Description

Jul 21, 2022

What to Include in an Influencer Marketing Job Description

Whether you're just starting to dip your toes into influencer marketing or growing an existing program, it’s important to start with a strong team foundation. Your ability to find the right folks starts with writing an in-depth, kick-ass job description — similar to influencers and their briefs!

Read on to find out which skills you should be looking for in an influencer marketer and the essential elements to include in your influencer marketing job description.  

Top 5 influencer marketing skills 

1. Relationship Management

Likely, you’re looking for a candidate who can manage influencer partnerships. So you’ll need someone who can build and maintain solid relationships with creators as well as talent agents, publicists, and other niche influencer partners (hair stylists, makeup artists, ect). Look for someone who is an effective communicator and has proven they can create a strong network in a previous role. 

Empathy is another key word that you may want to consider adding to your influencer marketing job description. Remember that in influencer marketing you’re working with humans, not just posting digital ads. Being thoughtful and caring goes a long way in setting your brand apart!

Interview tip: Ask how a candidate has identified and nurtured influencer relationships in a previous role. Bonus points if they can illustrate how they’ve used empathy to build deep connections.

2. Project Management

From influencer outreach, to signing contracts, to planning events — there are an immense amount of tasks to juggle in the influencer marketing world (as you well know). You’ll need someone who can think through big picture strategy (how does influencer marketing impact business goals?), while also attending the fine details of creating influencer briefs, finding the right creators, and tracking the analytics. 

Interview tip: Ask a candidate about an event or campaign they’ve executed from start to finish and what they would have done differently when reflecting back on the experience. If they are a bit vague about ROI, ask them follow-up questions about what goals were established for the campaign, what metrics were used to track success, and how the campaign was contributing to bigger business goals.

3. Strategic Thinking 

Creativity and problem solving are key ingredients for being successful in influencer marketing. Many hurdles can arise on the job, so it’s important to find someone who can handle the pressures of the day-to-day and still execute the larger strategic vision of the role. Influencer marketing requires innovation and experimentation, so find someone who isn’t afraid to step outside their comfort zone. 

“It’s actually what we talk about with our clients today. Bravery is huge. You have to be brave to come on our platform and release control, especially for CPG clients and traditional clients. Releasing control to the hands of an unknown is scary but the payoff and the reward is sky’s the limit.” - Amy Oelkers, Vertical Director of CPG, Global Business Solutions at TikTok

Interview tip: Ask a candidate where they get their most creative ideas from and what processes they have in place to test out their creative ideas.

4. Negotiations Influencer Partnerships

A big aspect of influencer marketing is negotiating terms and conditions with influencer partners. Ensuring that you receive the deliverables for the right value is no easy task. You’ll need someone who fully understands both the brand and influencer’s demands in order to make an agreement that is mutually beneficial. If you don’t approach a negotiation with the mindset that an influencer is a partner, you might lose out on an incredible opportunity. 

Interview tip: Ask a candidate how they’ve used data to negotiate and make budgeting decisions

Use Traackr’s ROI calculator to ensure you are making the right decision with your influencer marketing program.

5. Social Media Expert

Finding someone who is “tapped” into the social media culture, or at least eager to jump in and learn, is vital for any role in influencer marketing. You’ll want someone who understands the flow of trends on social media platforms so that they can work with influencers to get the best possible content. 

Interview tip: Ask a candidate about their “go-to” source for social media and influencer marketing news. Whether it’s a certain book, newsletter, podcast, or influencers on social media, it’s good to know how tapped in they are to the social media culture. 

4 extra elements to include in an influencer marketing job description

Now that you have a good grasp of the skills you’re looking for in a candidate, the next step is to start outlining your job descriptions. Just like any other job description, you'll want to include sections that outline the overall role, the responsibilities involved, and required experience and skills. 

Some other elements that you can include to take your influencer marketing job description to the next level include:

  • Outline the objectives of the role: How will this position support greater business goals? If your team primarily works with influencers for awareness campaigns, mention key phrases like, “driving awareness towards a product.” Providing context on how the position impacts the company sets clear expectations for the candidate. 
  • Weave in your company’s values: Gen Z and Millennials deeply care about societal issues. In fact, Traackr’s 2022 Influncer Marketing Impact report found that 66% of respondents would pay a higher price for a product if the brand aligns with their values. These generations additionally want to work for brands that have strong values, so share your values in the job description. If diversity and inclusion is important to your company, be sure to mention it!
  • Reference the tools that will help get the job done: Influencer marketing requires experience with various tools including excel, powerpoint, social media platforms, and influencer marketing platforms, like Traackr. It’s always fantastic to find a candidate who has experience with the tools your company uses so they can get up and running quickly. 
  • Who they’ll be partnering with: Influencer marketing sits at the center of social media marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, and PR/media relations. Make sure to include which teams they will be working closely with. It’s also good to mention if they will need to oversee any agency relationships. 

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