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How Traackr Helps Your Agency Build an Influencer Program Your Client Will Love

Dec 6, 2021

Learn How to Use Traackr to Build Your Influencer Program

So your client has agreed to invest in an influencer program - and for good reason. Not only is influencer marketing spend skyrocketing, the efficacy of this strategy is solidifying, with 52% of Gen Z reporting that they trust social media influencers for product or brand advice.

We know influencer marketing can be a winning strategy, but pulling it off is much easier said than done. 
Below we outline how Traackr’s influencer marketing platform helps you build an effective, well organized, and reproducible program that will delight your clients, improve your team’s productivity, and ensure future business.

1. Find unique influencers and get quick approvals

As the industry becomes more saturated, finding unique and impactful influencers can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Traackr helps by providing:

  • Access to the largest global influencer data set — 7M+ profiles, 13 platforms, 50 countries, and more
  • Diverse influencer discovery capabilities — search by influencer content, attributes, and audience criteria.
  • Robust influencer vetting tools  — check historical content, audience demographics and quality, and run brand safety checks.

Proof: see how two of our customers built winning influencer programs by choosing the right influencers with Traackr - Beekman 1802’s high selling TikTok campaign and Revlon’s Wonder Woman 1984 launch.

"This campaign did well because we knew we had the right partners from the beginning. We chose influencers based on data and analytics from Traackr, then left the campaign open for interpretation.” – Julie Kaplan, Senior Manager, Global PR & Influencer Marketing at Revlon. 

2.  Streamline campaign workflows

Traackr is known for being the system of record for influencer marketing — what does this mean?

You can manage collaborations, product sends, personalized emails to influencers, campaign briefs, payments, and measurement in one place that keeps a record of your past collaborations and performance.  

Traackr keeps your team on the same page, and focused on delivering value to your client.

Proof: see how Colgate-Palmolive and its agencies reduced campaign costs by 40% while delivering significantly better results, with the help of Traackr’s campaign management tools.

3. Demonstrate impact to clients 

ROI, ROI, ROI. At the end of the day, the bottom line is the most important line. But how do you prove it?

Traackr’s robust data and reporting capabilities allow you to analyze the performance and efficiency of your campaigns. 

We not only help you report on ROI with shareable reports, the platform helps you validate your strategies, providing insights for improving over time, and predicting the impact of future campaigns.

"With Traackr, we know that the influencers we select will drive the most impact for our clients and we can prove it to the clients as well. The data and insights they provide help us deliver top performing campaigns time and time again." – Ash McGuinness, Account & Community Manager at Media Bounty

Proof: see how the agency, Pegasus, tripled new influencer marketing business with data-driven strategies powered by Traackr.

Want to learn more about how Traackr helps you build an effective influencer program? Check out our specific offering for agencies here or reach out to


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