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Revlon x Wonder Woman 1984

In the midst of an unprecedented year, without the benefit of traditional launch events, the movie premiere and other in-person activations, Revlon set ambitious targets for the launch of the WW84 collection and turned to strategic, data-driven influencer partnerships.
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Traackr Case Studies
Revlon x Wonder Woman 1984
Learn how Revlon delivered extraordinary results for its collection with the support of Traackr.

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The Opportunity

Revlon partnered with WW84 to create a makeup collection inspired by the movie. When the global pandemic hit, Revlon was faced with the challenge of launching this new collection without the momentum of the movie’s release, which was delayed. After an initial pause, Revlon moved forward with the collection release in July 2020, nearly six months before the movie was eventually released. Driven by strategic influencer partnerships, Revlon orchestrated an extraordinarily powerful launch on social media and delivered extraordinary results. Here’s how they did it with the support of Traackr.

The Goal

In the midst of an unprecedented year, without the benefit of a traditional launch event or movie premiere, Revlon turned to influencers as the vehicle to launch their new Revlon x WW84 collection.

The Strategy

Strategic influencer selection was this launch’s superpower.

"This campaign did well because we knew we had the right partners from the beginning,” said Julie Kaplan, Senior Manager, Global PR & Influencer Marketing at Revlon. “We chose influencers based on data and analytics from Traackr, then left the campaign open for interpretation. The brief was simple: Unleash the power of makeup. We wanted each creator to focus on what the message meant to them and allow them to bring their vision to life.”

This campaign included a multi-tiered approach, working with always-on collaborators and new faces. The campaign was also multi-platform and format, including:

  1. Long-form Youtube video content
  2. Short-form TikTok and Instagram video content
  3. Still images (IG).

Long-Form Content

Revlon partnered with Nikki and Gabi DeMartino for one of their “sister swap” videos. This was the perfect narrative to showcase the duality and transformation of makeup.

Short-Form Content

The most popular piece of content from the campaign was a TikTok video posted by Nabela Noor. She was the perfect partner for this campaign because she encourages beauty from the inside out.


IG was where Revlon really worked across tiers, from nano to macro-Influencers.

Revlon partnered with Eleanor Barnes, a creator known for her cosplay, as well as, being a strong partner for the brand in other campaigns.

Cosplay Artists

Lucia Marte is a micro influencer who was chosen for the WW84 campaign because of her impressive superhero cosplay!

How Revlon Uses Traackr

Influencer Discovery

Revlon has built a robust influencer database, which they manage in Traackr. For this program, they wanted to expand their reach to include influencers with affinities for cosplay, comics, Gal Gadot and The Wonder Woman franchise.

Influencer Vetting

Once Revlon found potential influencers with the right criteria, the team reviewed their profiles to ensure they had the right audience demographics and quality, as well as, strong engagement rates on the core platforms.

Campaign Management & Reporting

The entire campaign, from discovery to measurement, was managed in Traackr. Partnerships were approved, deliverables tracked and results measured in the platform. Despite working remotely, the Revlon team was able to manage the campaign efficiently.

"Using Traackr allowed us to see content as it came in. We could see what the top performing content was, who had the lowest cost per engagement, who overperformed, or in some cases underperformed. Traackr’s capabilities also allowed us to see that we were meeting and exceeding our KPIs. They made this part of the campaign seamless." - Brie Clemency, Assistant Manager, PR & Influencer Marketing at Revlon


  • Using data to select the right partners for a campaign saves time and results in more strategic, targeted partnerships
  • Traackr’s platform enabled Revlon to search outside their standard parameters to find niche content creators for this specific campaign
  • Tapping into the right partners enables creative freedom which drives results
  • By using Traackr as Revlon’s system of record the team was able to save time, find top performing partners and ultimately over deliver on all their KPIs

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