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8 Rising Sustainability Influencers to Follow

Aug 18, 2022

For a while now we’ve seen a rise in influencer conversations surrounding sustainability. Many factors, including climate change, have driven various influencers to create content based solely on protecting the planet, and their audiences are listening and growing. 

Find out about eight sustainability influencers who dedicate their feeds to convincing the world to take a more caring approach to the environment (spoiler alert: you’ll find no greenwashing here).

Leah Thomas (@greengirlleah)

Macro-influencer: 260K

About: Let’s start with the most committed sustainability influencer out there, Leah Thomas. Founder of the climate justice collective, @intersectionalenvironmentalist, this US-based influencer produces sustainable lifestyle content, sharing her vision of the world through environmentally-aware events (like the one Patagonia put on for her recent book launch!). As an accomplished author and podcaster, Leah is much more than just another run-of-the-mill influencer. Her commitment to creating a more equitable and diverse future of environmentalism is awe-inspring, and we’re not alone in feeling this way either. Her engagement rate has been off the charts over the past few weeks!

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Perrine (@asundaymorningperrine)

Micro-influencer: 32.9K

About: Perrine calls herself the “imperfect eco-warrior”. She aims to raise awareness about eco-issues and provides her audience with useful ways to make small changes in their everyday life to reduce their environmental footprint. She reassures her audience that it’s better to start small than not try at all! As a mother of three, she shares recipes and eco-friendly beauty products with her community that are also family-friendly (see her recent partnership with Cavaillès, a French beauty brand).

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Izzy Manuel (@izzy_manuel)

Micro-influencer: 12K

About: This young Englishwoman is all about sunny vibes. Her feed is a color-packed rainbow of positivity, but that’s not what we love most about her. Izzy works tirelessly to promote sustainable fashion by collaborating with environment-friendly brands and sharing her top tips for embracing a more eco-positive approach to fashion. She’s quirky, original and real which is just how her followers like her. She’s nearly doubled her fanbase this year!

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Tess Ryfa (@rosabohneur)

Mid-influencer: 219K

About: Tess is the most “Gen Z” of the bunch. Traackr’s data shows that she’s popular on Instagram and TikTok, with most of her followers falling within the 17- to 24-year-old bracket. Her feed hits this generation’s high notes every time, serving up pared-back, authentic, sweet snapshots of her everyday life. Her commitment to the planet shines through in her wardrobe, too. Rosa is all about upcycling and breathing new life into old pieces. In fact she hit the Cannes Film Festival’s red carpet in one of her upcycled dresses. Her community can’t seem to get enough of this type of content, with her average engagement rates having risen by 3.5% since the start of the year.

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Ashley Renne Nsonwu (@heyashleyrenne)

Mid-influencer: 167K

About: Ashley is known for sharing everyday insights into mom life, dishing out invaluable advice and tips for followers interested in raising the responsible, green citizens of the future. She teaches her son simple, basic ways to make a difference, like composting and recycling. Her social media and blog are packed full of priceless content on nutrition and vegan beauty. Her audience (+25K since January!) and engagement rate (which has jumped a whole two points since January too) have been on the rise since the start of the year — proof that consumers are increasingly sensitive to and aware of these issues!

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Nicole Whittle (@veganbeautygirl)

Mid-influencer: 128K

About: No, going vegan doesn’t have to be boring! That’s what Nicole sets out to demonstrate to her audience. Nicole is a green lifestyle influencer who shares vegan beauty advice, responsible travel tips, and her outfits of the day. Her audience is made up of a wide-variety of folks who are interested in sustainable and vegan living. In fact, according to Traackr’s data most of her Instagram fans are women aged 25 to 34, while over on TikTok her content is a hit with men under the age of 25. That’s some diversity right there! We love how natural and genuine she feels, and we’re pretty sure you’ll feel the same.

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Kate Hall (@ethicallykate)

Micro-influencer: 37.6K

About: Kate has a flair for making sustainable living fun. Whether alone, with family or with friends, this New Zealander shares glimpses of her environmentally-aware approach to everyday life. You’ll often spot her dancing and grooving on her feed, but make no mistake, her commitment to creating change for the planet is 100% genuine. She regularly collaborates with beauty brands like Ethique. Her upbeat and playful attitude has paid off, netting her a 10% increase in follower numbers since the start of the year.

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Immy Lucas (@sustainably_vegan)

Macro-influencer: 396K

About: This British influencer is all about low-impact living and drastically slashing your carbon footprint through what goes on your plate and how you travel. As a lifestyle content creator, she shares tips and advice on how to practice self-care and enjoy life while being as kind to the planet as possible. Immy doesn’t set out to guilt-trip you or get you stressing over your green credentials. Instead, she aspires to promote a lifestyle that’s better for both you and the natural world. And it seems to be working - her audience numbers have been consistently rising, with an extra 10K followers signing up since the start of the year!

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