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6 Top Influencers in Activewear

May 23, 2023

Our latest State of Influence report featured six top influencers in activewear that are on the rise. These mid, macro, mega, and VIP tier influencers have all seen a boom in their followings on TikTok and/or Instagram, and include fitness instructors, “sneakerheads”, athletes, and lifestyle content creators.

6 Top Influencers in Activewear

Mid tier influencers (50K+ followers)

Georgie Rose (@georgie.rose.1), United Kingdom

Georgie is a fitness instructor who has seen her audience on Instagram steadily climb since January, going from 76K to about 106K followers. A perfect example of how long-term partnerships are important within the fitness/weightlifting niche, Gymshark has been mentioned 117 times by Georgie over the past 12 months. She also frequently mentions MYVEGAN, a nutrition brand she has a partnership with.

Tip: Check out our full State of Influence report if you want to see how Gymshark works with Georgie and other top influencers.

Mejdi Schalck (@mejdi_schalck), France

Mejdi is an 18-year-old professional climber and influencer who has rapidly grown his audience across both Instagram (+157%) and TikTok (+39%) since the start of 2023. His content often revolves around his climbing training and events. He frequently mentions his sponsor, Adidas, along with smaller local brands in his posts.

Macro tier influencers (250K+ followers)

Dee Wave (@thetsunamichild), United States

Dee is an influencer posting “sneakerhead” content primarily on TikTok. He has added over 150K  followers since November, increasing his audience by 24%. His content follows popular content styles like unboxing videos, reviews, and “on-feet” looks of newly released shoes. His videos are often funny as well which his audience loves and is a contributing factor to his growth. Nike and Jordan are the most mentioned brands by Dee.

Elliot Page (@elliotpage_), United Kingdom

Elliot is an influencer with the “sneakerhead” niche posting video content on YouTube – along with short clips on TikTok and Instagram – where he makes content revolving around what’s trending in the sneaker space. His YouTube channel has gained over 100K subscribers since January, increasing 36%. Nike, Jordan, and Adidas were the three brands Elliot mentioned the most frequently over the past year

Paula Senfkorn (@paulasenfkorn), Germany

Paula is a lifestyle influencer who posts a variety of content primarily on TikTok. Over the first four months of 2023, she has gained almost 200K followers on TikTok, with her audience increasing from 425K to 619K. Adidas has partnered with her on a handful of posts across Instagram and TikTok primarily to promote its running department and new Ultraboost shoes.

Mega tier influencers (1M+ followers)

Courtney Cahoon (@courtneycahoon) United States

Courtney is a fitness instructor whose following on TikTok has exploded over the past few months, increasing by 310%. She posts daily content about her life focusing on beauty and fashion. Courtney mentioned Lululemon a crazy 208 times over the past 12 months, with shopping haul video consistently ranking as the most engaging content style.

Diamant Blazi (@diamantblazi), France

Blazi is an influencer who has seen his audience on TikTok increase by 35% since January, going from 816K to over 1.1M followers. Blazi is a professional basketball player in France and has mentioned Puma in a handful of sponsored posts on TikTok.

VIP influencers (1M+ followers)

Jannik Diefnbach (@jaadiee), Germany

Jannik is an influencer who has seen his following on Tikok explode recently, increasing by over 2.2M followers since the beginning of 2023. His content features his grandpa (“Gramps”) styling different shoes and fashion looks, with Nike and Jordan often mentioned. A reminder that it’s never too late to chase the dream of being an influencer!

Make sure you check out our State of Influence report if you want to learn about rising activewear trends, or how brands like Nike, Adidas, Gymshark, Lululemon, and Reebok work with top influencers!