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3 Influencer Collaborations That Work & Why: September 2021

Sep 27, 2021

3 Influencer Collaborations That Work & Why

Every month we investigate the most interesting and successful influencer collaborations. In this edition, we analyze the similarities and differences among skincare brands in three main categories- luxury, prestige and affordable*.

  • Brands featured: SK-II, Murad, Neutrogena 
  • Key learnings: Across the board, successful brands prioritize value-based storytelling and values-based partnerships.  What makes the difference is the creative use of social commerce. 

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SK-II's Influencer Collaborations

Best influencer collab: Amy Chang (@bondenavant)

  • Quality Content 
  • Value-Based Storytelling
  • Tapped into Trends

What makes it work?

  • Broadcasting the story: The luxury skincare brand, SK-II, partnered with creator, Amy Chang, to tell her skin transformation story with their iconic Pietra Essense product. Transformational reviews are a fantastic way for followers to see the results of the product and the genuine excitement of a creator using the product. Amy took this model and adapted it to the various channels of her social media presence. She produced TikToks, IG TVs, and an in-depth Q&A session across her Stories. This shows the value in a creators ability to understand their audience and produce content that is engaging on all platforms. It comes as no surprise that she’s been nominated as Skincare Influencer of the Year at the 2021 American Influencer Awards. 
  • In with the times: Additionally, Amy was a great partner because she utilized one of TikTok’s latest trends: ASMR or autonomous sensory meridian response. The beauty trend has seen a 322% increase in engagements comparing September 2019 - August 2020 vs September 2020 - August 2021. The creator uses gentle everyday sounds (whispering, drinking, using the product) to explain the recipe for glowing skin - drinking water and using SK-II’s Pietra Essence. What a unique way to focus a video on a product feature, while also making it fun and creative!

Murad's Influencer Collaborations

Best influencer collab: Tess Daly (@tess.daly)

  • Impactful Content 
  • Value-Based Storytelling
  • Great Social Listening

What makes it work?

  • Murad to the rescue: Tess Daly, a U.K. fashion and beauty creator, is a long-time user of Murad’s Oil and Pore Control Mattifier. In nearly every post, she features the prestigious skincare brand as a must-have product in her makeup routine. Tess explained to her audience in a Stories Q&A session that she uses the “Mattifier every day because it’s the only thing that controls my oil at all!” As great social listening is now a cornerstone of any successful influencer marketing strategy, Murad restocked the creator’s skincare supply, building a deeper relationship with their long-time fan. 

Neutrogena's Influencer Collaborations

Best influencer collab: Laura Beverlin (@laurabeverlin)

  • Quality Content 
  • Value-Based Storytelling
  • Utilizing links

What makes it work? 

  • Life Hack + Challenge = Recipe for success: In this featured collaboration, Laura partnered with Neutrogena to showcase a beauty life hack: double cleansing. The featured video shows how using the brand's affordable cleanser and makeup wipes ensures 30% more makeup will be removed. The compelling and educational video is coupled with a challenge that holds a strong call to action - inviting followers to join the #Dirty30challenge and try the hack out themselves. It’s a one-two punch for delivering high value to consumers. 
  • Influencers as the new storefronts: Instagram might have retired the “swipe up to shop” feature, but it has been replaced with shopping stickers, arguably an easier shopping action. Creators, like Laura, are taking full advantage of these capabilities by mentioning affiliate codes and bitly links within the featured post and on Stories. By using influencers who are experienced in social commerce, Neutrogena is taking full advantage of the power influencers and ecommerce possess.

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*Categories are determined by the average price range of products: Luxury >$100, Prestige $100-$30, Affordable <$30