The Most Complete Influencer Relationship Management Platform

Traackr provides marketing teams with the tools and data to drive impact, freeing up their time to build relationships and enhance strategies.

Our Core Capabilities

Influencer Discovery & Evaluation

Make Your Influencer Marketing Budget Go Further

Create more impact and increase ROI by selecting influencers based on performance, audience insights and brand fit. Measure campaign and cross-campaign results.

Spend More Time Building Relationships

Save time on manual processes like discovery, vetting and reporting, so you can do more of what you love, and manage more influencer relationships.

Work Efficiently Across Teams, Brands & Regions

Gain better visibility of IM efforts across your organization, standardize common workflows, and establish measurement frameworks.

IRM for Brands

Everything you need to run impactful influencer programs at scale

Traackr IRM provides brand managers the insights and structure required for best-in-class global influencer strategies.

  • Uncover which influencers work best for your brand
  • Prove the value of influencer collaborations
  • Enhance collaboration across teams and promote best practices.
IRM for Agencies

Win more strategic influencer marketing business with Traackr

Traackr IRM for agencies provides access to a massive database of influencers that grows everyday and comprehensive reporting to deliver insights to clients.

  • Discover influencers quickly no matter the size or niche topics
  • Create influencer strategic deck backed by insights and data
  • Report on campaign and influencer performance

Measure the impact of influencer content on your market share

IMB by Traackr is the global standard for transparent measurement of the impact of influencer strategies and the attention your brand earns in your market.

  • Benchmark your performance in the market
  • Optimize influencer marketing investments
  • Capture share of influence in your industry

We love our customers

Chelsea Riggs — Brand President, Amika
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“We spent more than six months researching and testing every platform out there and found Traackr fits exactly what we needed.”

Chelsea Riggs

Brand President, Amika

Everything you need to run successful influencer marketing campaigns

Influencer Discovery & Vetting

Influencer Discovery
Search a global influencer database by content, influencer attributes and audience criteria and access proactive influencer recommendations.
Audience Insights
Understand who your influencers influence: followers’ age, gender, location, interests, brand affinity and more.
Influencer Evaluation
Vet influencers quickly for performance and brand fit based on deep historical content across platforms.

Campaign & Program Management

Campaign Management & Optimization
Run organic and paid influencer campaigns, and monitor campaign progress and compliance.
Brand Safety
Protect your brand’s reputation by combating fraud, and monitoring continuously for brand safety.
Collaboration & Visibility
Coordinate with colleagues and agencies to track relationships and communications with influencers.

Influencer Analytics & Reporting

Predictive Influencer Performance
Select the most effective influencers based on past results and evaluate your influencers’ performance across paid and organic campaigns.
Cross Campaign Measurement
Compare the effectiveness of campaigns over time and across brands. Use shareable reports to easily communicate results throughout your organization.
Insights and Trends Reporting
Create customized theme reports to understand topic trends among influencers, and where you can engage best.