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Who Exactly Are Your Influencers Influencing?

Sep 12, 2017

With influencer marketing spend expected to reach $5-10 billion by 2022, it’s more important than ever for marketers to deliver data-driven and measurable influencer strategies. A common and persistent question we hear from influencer marketers is, how do we confidently select and vet influencers for our business?

Until recently, the default criteria for vetting influencers was audience size. However as influencer marketing becomes more sophisticated, there is a greater pressure from executives to truly understand how an influencer impacts their audience and who exactly an influencer is influencing.

Delivering Impact Begins with Accurate Influencer Selection

In our research, 83% cited a top priority to “identify and build one-on-one relationships with industry key influencers.” Without selecting the right influencers aligned to the right audience, it’s unlikely you’ll deliver against marketing objectives.

You need to uncover what an influencer’s audience cares about in order to create an impact. This is key to making trusted decisions with strategic data to ensure influencer marketing dollars are spent effectively.

To address this show-stopping problem, Traackr has partnered with Demographics Pro to surface influencer audience insights for influencer selection and customer targeting. A leader in social media audience analysis, Demographics Pro enables Traackr to provide rich Instagram and Twitter demographics and psychographics for each influencer.

Putting Influencer Audience Analytics to Work

With Traackr’s newly released ‘Audience Insights’, brands are able to prioritize influencers whose audiences align with their ideal customers. This brings a new level of optimization that will deliver cost, time, and resource efficiencies required to scale the practice of influencer marketing.

'Audience Insights’ reveals whether an influencer’s audience is on target in terms of age, gender, location, occupation, marital status, likes and interests and brand affinities. These insights enable enterprises to achieve key influencer marketing goals with:

  • Improved Targeting: Determine if an influencer’s audience aligns with their ideal customer profile
  • Marketing Alignment: Align influencer program development with marketing segmentation and customer insights
  • Audience Affinity: Find and prioritize influencers based on audience affinity to specific topics and brands

Influencer Marketing Audience Insights | Traackr

L'Oréal Germany Reaches the Right End Consumers with the Right Influencers

‘Audience Insights’ provides marketing executives with strategic data to ensure influencer marketing dollars are spent effectively by pulling back the curtain on which interests and brands an influencer’s audience cares about most.

Phillip Markman, CMO, L'Oréal Germany explains, “Influencers have fundamentally changed the way organizations bring new products to market and reach customers. As we evolve our marketing strategies and scale our influencer programs, Traackr’s ‘Audience Insights’ ensures we are reaching the right end consumers with the right profile. We can now see that our influencer programs are spread across the appropriate geographies and target audiences ensuring we are optimizing our investment and approach.”

Traackr’s ‘Audience Insights’ is now available for customers subscribed to the Enterprise Premium plan. To learn more about reaching the right end customers with the right influencer profiles, get in touch with us.