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[Video] What’s New in Traackr: Q3 2020 Roundup

Sep 28, 2020

As we close out Q3 of 2020, we wanted to take a moment to provide a quick recap of the latest additions to Traackr and a preview of some of the exciting things we’re currently working on that will be coming soon to the platform.

In this edition of “What’s New in Traackr”, you’ll learn about:

  • NEW: APAC Support & Coverage
  • NEW: Link Tracking 
  • COMING SOON: New Performance KPIs & Metrics
  • COMING SOON: Enhanced Relationship Management Capabilities
  • COMING SOON: New Social Commerce Workflows & Integrations

If you’re a current Traackr customer, log into your account to check out APAC Support & Coverage or reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more about Link Tracking.

And for those new to Traackr, let’s get you set up with a demo of the platform.