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[Video] Putting User Experience First: Introducing an Upgraded Influencer Analytics Suite

Jan 17, 2017

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve released the first phase in a series of analytics updates.

As marketers see increased success with their influencer programs, the need to scale has become a key driver in launching more robust strategies. In order to scale an earth-shattering influencer program, you’ll need to consume, interpret and act on the right data.

With our upgraded analytics suite, you can get the influencer insights you need, faster than ever before. This update allows you to:

  • Interact with influencer data in a fluid, fast and familiar way
  • Quickly zero-in on the info that matters most

Want to see the dynamic and seamless analytics suite for yourself? To view our improved data visualization, with enhanced readability of reports, watch the video below.


Guiding our customers towards influencer marketing success is our number one priority at Traackr. That’s why we are hard at work to continually add value to our influencer relationship management (IRM) platform.

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