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[Video] Creating a Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy

Nov 17, 2016

Given the ongoing explosion of technology and information, businesses have hit a critical turning point. Either your brand must completely transform operational practices to align with the digital era or meet the same fate as the dinosaurs. To move beyond dated practices that no longer work, marketers have turned to influencer marketing as a catalyst to accelerate this change.  

In fact, 84% of marketers worldwide said they planned to launch influencer initiatives in 2016 (eMarketer). Unfortunately, with challenges cited around finding influencers, getting influencer attention, and measuring outcomes, it’s become evident that influencer marketing is an uphill battle.  

That’s why our founder and CEO, Pierre-Loic Assayag, sat down with Gemma Houghton, Marketing Manager at, for a conversation around executing a successful influencer marketing strategy. The video below covers the following key areas of influencer marketing: 

  • Why businesses must think about influencer marketing before it’s too late
  • What types of companies thrive with influencer marketing
  • How to align influencer marketing with your big picture strategy
  • What internal and external challenges stand in the way
  • What technology tools exist and when to use them
  • How to scale your influencer marketing strategy