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Unsexy Products: Trending in Beauty Influencer Marketing

Jun 13, 2024

But what are “unsexy products?” 

Well, creators are referring to these as beauty products that aren’t “aesthetic” but “get the job done.” Often, these products are less expensive but highly effective. Brands that are heavily being mentioned include CeraVe, Gold Bond, Aquaphor, and Dove. Top creators spurring this trend on TikTok include @taylorbosmann, @dermatologysurgeon, and @emilylulamay.

@dermatologysurgeon Dont’t be fooled by simple packaging on skin and hair care products because these ones are 🔥🔥🔥 and my must-haves as a dermatologist. #unsexyproducts #skincaretips #fyp ♬ Calm background music with acoustic guitar and saxophone(1288148) - ame

Why Are “Unsexy Products” Trending On TikTok and in Beauty Influencer Marketing? 

While the term “unsexy products” just burst onto the beauty creator scene in March 2024, the concept isn’t entirely new. 

It has roots in the initial shift we saw consumers take towards wanting more education on the quality of skincare products, with an eye on ingredients and efficacy

This shift had multiple notable ripple effects including:

  • The rise of dermatologists on social
  • Increased engagement with “unsexy”, yet honest topics like sensitive skin, scalp care, eczema, rosacea and more

With new aesthetics, microtrends, and products running through the hype cycle on TikTok at an ever-increasing pace, it’s becoming impossible for both consumers and creators to keep up. This is why we’re seeing a continued focus on quality, rather than aesthetics alone. 

According to Traackr’s 2024 US Impact Report, Gen Z and Millennial consumers said that product quality was the No. 1 consideration when purchasing new products. 

Top qualities that Millennial and Gen Z consumers look for when purchasing new products, according to Traackr's latest US IMPACT report

In late 2023, we also saw the major buzzword,“de-influencing,” gain popularity as a response to this consumer shift. Creators were discouraging their audiences from overconsumption of products focusing on over-hyper or underwhelming products that influencers “made them buy.”

Now the “unsexy products” trend is revealing the flip side of that – unsung heroes of the beauty aisle that just work.

“This trend demonstrates to beauty brands that trust, brand affinity and authenticity are still the most important indicators of a successful creator partnership – not just pretty packaging. If the creator truly uses and loves the product, has the trust of their audience and the product works as promised, any brand can reap the benefits of creator partnerships.” - Pierre-Loic, CEO & Co-Founder at Traackr in an interview with Beauty Independent


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