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Traackr is the First to Surface Influential Subject Matter Experts from Technology Communities

November 1, 2017

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Where do you turn when the influencers you seek seem impossible to find?

Most consumer-facing brands rely on mainstream social networks, like Instagram and YouTube, to find the right influencers. But for technology organizations, influential subject matter experts often engage in specialized communities.

Influencer marketing is so often synonymous with mascara and makeup videos, yet leading technology organizations have been scaling programs to reach technical experts who shape industry opinion of their products and directly impact technology purchase decisions.

Influencers Come in Many Forms

Consider the software development community: Developers turn to other developers to learn and share programming knowledge; however, this exchange occurs in communities such as Stack Overflow--not Facebook and Twitter.

Each month, over 50 million developers come to Stack Overflow to learn and share knowledge, making it the single largest, most trusted online community for developers.

We’re excited to announce that Traackr is now the first influencer marketing platform to integrate Stack Overflow data and GitHub content, giving our customers the ability to identify influential developers and real experts in the tech industry.

This is a major milestone for the industry because influencers come in many forms. Many Traackr customers are technology companies, so it’s crucial for them to identify influential developers who may be invisible on mainstream social networks. For example, one of our customers at Microsoft relies on Stack Overflow to source development experts for their influencer marketing program.

“[Traackr’s Stack Overflow integration] gives our team the ability to find and engage with individuals who are influential on highly technical topics and are extremely important to the success of our program,” says Danilo Bordini, C + E -- Growth and Ecosystem Evangelism at Microsoft.

How Traackr Indexes Stack Overflow Content

“We incorporated  Stack Overflow’s metrics into Traackr’s algorithm, which is used to assign each influencer a Reach, Resonance and Relevance score,” says Michael McLellan, who led the engineering team that worked on Traackr’s integration.

The content that developers contribute on Stack Overflow (i.e. questions and answers) is also tracked and searchable within Traackr. We already have a robust coverage of thousands of top contributors on Stack Overflow and are continually expanding.

With Traackr tracking so many platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and now Stack Overflow and Github) we now have a very comprehensive picture of what developers say, do, and share.  

As influencer marketing takes root in technology organizations, the ability to discover and build relationships with technical subject matter experts has become essential for marketers orchestrating sophisticated programs. We’re thrilled to be advancing the technology required to connect our customers to the influential experts who matter most to their business.

To learn more about Traackr’s Stack Overflow integration, contact us.

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